Key To My Heart

This is a story about a girl named Claire who happens to be best friends with Harry Styles. Deep down inside shes always liked Harry more than a friend. And when they get into an argument he finds himself miserable not being able to talk to his best friend. When its time for him to take on the world tour, lots of unexpected things happen.. and well lets just say... Claire ends up with one of the other boys expect Harry.. and something happens to one of the boys.


12. Confessions And Feelings Speak Up


Harry’s Point of View

“… Thank you for flying with British Airways.” I stood up smiling, I’m finally home! “Zayn wake up!” I shook him, he’s always hooked on sleeping. “Mmm, stop it Claire.” He mumbled, “Claire, what the hell?” I pinched him and he shot up to his feet. “Oh Harry it’s you.” He got up & stretched, I rolled my eyes at him as he looked at himself through one of his pocket mirrors. “You’re joking.” I said, glaring, “Need to look good.” He smiled, while a little girl was passing by her jaw dropped when she saw Zayn. “Hey mommy it’s Zirror!” She said excited & caught a lot of people’s attention, Zayn awkwardly placed his mirror back in his pocket and half-smiled at the girl, I saw his colour turn crimson & chuckled. “Thats what you get.” & he rolled his eyes.


“The first thing I’m going to do when I’m in Mullingar is take a pint!” Everyone looked back at Niall & I raised my brow. I picked up one of my bags & replied, “Easy Nialler, don’t want to get too drunk, we just got back.” I choked and Zayn chuckled while placing his arm around Liam, “Looks like we’ve got a new DD” “DD?” “Daddy Direction.” And I glared at him while the others laughed. “Well sorry for trying to keep things safe.” I mumbled & their laughter dimmed. “He’s right, we should take it easy, I mean Louis is still in the hospital, we don’t want another incident.” Liam agreed & I smiled at him, at least he understood.

Riiinggg …. Riiiinnngg …. Riiiinnnng

“Excuse me.” Liam said as he took out his phone while the rest of us sat in the car. I looked out the window, he looked worried, oh no. I slid my window down a bit to hear him. “I’m so sorry baby, I’ve been so caught up with Lou and the incident … yeah I know … thank you for understanding … i love you too, bye.” He hung up the phone and his eyes widened in frustration, he opened the door and I cocked my head to a side. “Girlfriend huh?” He nods & I laughed. “Women can be so frustrating.” “She thinks I’m avoiding her.” Liam mumbled & I raised my brow. “What? Lou was in the hospital, I’m sure thats a very good reason to why you haven’t gotten around to call her.” “This is why I don’t have a girlfriend.” Niall added in rolling his eyes.


“Bye guys, see you next week.” Liam smiled as he got out of the car. Zayn & I waved goodbye and Liam left. “Well that only leaves you & then I can be alone.” I mumbled and Zayn looked at me blankly. “What?” “I was hoping I could come over some time, you know, to talk to Claire.” He turned away blushing, “Oh — Claire. Um, sure,” I said nervously, it’s just a tad bit awkward that he wants me to hook them up when I haven’t talked to her in months. 


I carefully turned the knob to mine & Lou’s apartment. I smiled as I entered, “Just how I left it.” Suddenly the lights flickered on & there in the room stood Gemma, my step-dad, Liam, Zayn, Niall, Dr. Fin, Louis, Danielle, Eleanor, Mrs. Tomlinson, Niall’s Parents, Zayns older sister & Claire. I dropped my keys in astonishment. “Surprise!” They yelled & tears streamed down my face as I saw Lou straining in his wheelchair. “W — what are you guys doing here?” 


Claire’s Point of View

I giggled as I saw Curly’s expression, he looked so happy to be home with everyone. Finally things felt normal. Although I’ve noticed Zayn has been a bit distant from me, I frowned at the thought. “Hey you okay?” Harry snapped his fingers & I nodded giving him a bear hug. “I’ve missed you, Curly.” “I’ve missed you much more.” He kisses my forehead and looks at me. “How’s your family.” “Out of town, dad needed surgery.” I said and he twisted his lips in frustration. “It’s nothing serious! Just routine, it’s been like this since we were younger.” He nodded & Niall joined us. “Claire, Harry has been miserable without you.” Harry scowled at him & I giggled. 

A few minutes into our conversation Dr. Fin came and interrupted us. “Mr. Styles.” He shook his hand & mine. “Ms. DeChelo, how’s Phil?” “You 2 know each other?” Niall asked & I nodded, “Why do you think he’s here?” I laughed, “Ted, er Dr. Fin is my dad’s good friend.” I smiled and Harry looked at me astonished. “That’s a surprise.” He chuckled.

I looked over to see Zayn awkwardly standing & drinking, I decided to join him. “Hi.” I mumbled, “Hi.” He said taking another sip. There was a moment of silence until I spoke. “Lou looks better.” “Yeah, he does & happier.” He looks down at me and smiles charmingly. I smiled back and he took another sip. “You look beautiful.” He said & I chuckled, “Not so bad yourself, Malik.” My eyes wandered to find Harry & he stood next to Louis watching me cautiously. “Whats wrong?” Zayn said & I noticed I was biting my lip. “Oh nothing.” I smiled at him and he chuckled, “You look paler than usual.” I looked down nervously. “Hey, don’t be so shy, it’s just me.” He lifted my chin & kissed my cheek. My body froze & my legs felt like jelly. Harry started to walk towards us & I sensed something wrong right away. 

“Zayn do you mind giving Lou his meds? He won’t listen to me.” Zayn snorted & walked away. “What’s wrong?” I looked up at Harry, “I need to talk to you.” “About?” “Zayn.” “Oh.” “He likes you.” My heart dropped, he what? “He told me today, while we were on the plane. Claire, he’s practically in love.” I didn’t know what to say. “Zayn’s never been this happy, especially about a girl. Trust me, I know. Claire he’s in love with you.” His green eyes twinkled & my heart felt like it stopped beating. But I’m in love with you. ”Please, just give him a chance, he’s so sweet & romantic, he deserves someone perfect, like you.” I beamed at him & held back tears, don’t cry! “Okay.” I blurted out without thinking twice. “You’ll give him a chance?” His smile widened & I nodded, holy shit I’m a retard. I should’ve just told him the truth!


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