Key To My Heart

This is a story about a girl named Claire who happens to be best friends with Harry Styles. Deep down inside shes always liked Harry more than a friend. And when they get into an argument he finds himself miserable not being able to talk to his best friend. When its time for him to take on the world tour, lots of unexpected things happen.. and well lets just say... Claire ends up with one of the other boys expect Harry.. and something happens to one of the boys.


1. Everything Starts Falling Apart...



I was, am and probably always will be just an ordinary girl. I like to consider myself different, but I’m not. The only thing special about me was that Harry Styles was my best friend. Back in grade school I was a complete loser, Harry was the only one to see that there was something special about me and ever since we’ve been best friends. I’ve loved Harry all my life, but I know he thinks of me as just Claire, his best friend.

After his fame we remained best friends, he’s never changed & neither have I. Lately things between us have been different. Things have gone from flirty to a little sexual and I wasn’t sure if he had any feelings for me, but I did so I followed along.


I woke up next to Harry, who was still asleep in his boxers; we did it for the first time. I felt different; my stomach had butterflies that lurched in every corner of it. My body felt at ease and relaxed, it was a weird feeling. I was a bit light headed, but I felt amazing, like a new person.

Images of the tiny celebration Harry & I were having flash backed in my mind. I looked over to him and memorized his every feature on his face. His beautiful, brown, crisp curls, rosy, soft pink lips, the tiny bits of stubble on his jawline and his beautiful eyes, just as gorgeous when they were closed.

I sighed with a smile and removed his arm from my chest and got up. Suddenly his phone buzzed, I was startled. I tried waking him up, but he moaned and shoved me away. I decided to check his phone, not to be nosy or anything; maybe it was important. I carefully reached over him and picked up his phone and see it’s a text from a girl; he’d never talked about her.

‘Hey baby, I know this is really unromantic of me, but I have the answer to your question. It’s a yes! I’d love to be your girlfriend. Meet me by the lake at 7 today xxx’

My heart dropped my face was so heated I couldn’t feel the tears going down my face. He was seeing another girl, so was I just pass-time? I hated to think this was a friends with benefit kind of situation because then I would’ve felt used. Some of my tears fell down on Harry’s cheek and he woke up wiping them off. “Claire?” He asked confused, “Why’re you crying?” He got up and put his arm around my waist, but I shoved his phone in his face, squirmed out of his arms and walked out of the room, in one of his loose shirts and a pair of shorts.

I searched the kitchen for my keys, I was panicking I didn’t want to ever see his face again. “Claire?” He called out; his voice shaky, I could hear his voice crack up a bit, but I didn’t care it was time for me to leave. “Please don’t walk out on me Claire” I used my sleeve to wipe tears off my face & found my keys sitting on the microwave. He grabbed my wrist and I shook it off. “Why’re you doing this?” He argued, but I didn’t know what to say and walked out, probably forever.

Goodbye Harry.


…139 Missed Calls…267 Texts…

Harry why won’t you let me forget you? Take a hint; I don’t want to talk to you. I rocked back and forth in my rocking chair looking down at my phone. It had been 8 hours since I departed from his house. It was 6PM & I hadn’t eaten a morsel all day. I decided to muster the courage out of me and call him back.


I bit my lip in frustration.

Riiiinnnng…. Riiiiinnnng…. Riiiiinnnng

Why wasn’t he picking up? I threw my phone across the room, my hands trembling.

My eyes stung as tears cradled onto the edge of my eye. I didn’t want to cry, why was I crying in the first place? It’s not like Harry told me he ever loved me; I was the silly one to think that Harry Styles would like me.

I felt like a awakening of reality had been thrown at me, I was going to lose my best friend over my stupid feelings; they’d go away eventually especially now that he had a girlfriend.

My phone buzzed and I immediately ran to pick it up.


I slowly choked out, hoping it was Harry.

Hey Claire, it’s me, Harry.

Oh, hi.

I — I need to talk to you, but in person.

I don’t know …

Please, I’m begging.


Down by the lake, now.

I slowly removed the phone from my ear and cut the phone, I hoped this wasn’t a mistake.


“Claire, over here!” Harry called out, his arm in the air while the other rested on the ledge of the bridge. I blocked the sun from my eyes and walked over, my legs shaking from what was about to happen. “Harry, I—” “What time is it?” He interrupted me, I raised my brow and looked down at my phone, “7:03” I muttered. “Perfect.” I looked back and saw a tall, skinny figure looking back at us. “Turn around.” “Who is t—” He crashed his lips onto mine and I tried pulling away, but his arms were entangled with mine making it hard to leave.  

After about 5 seconds I pushed away. “What was that?” I whimpered, “Needed to get that slut off my back.” “What?” “Her name’s Chelsea.” I turned around and saw the girl strutting away, crying, my stomach felt uneasy.

“Niall was fooling around on my phone & got this chick obsessed with me.” “Don’t say that Harry. You do have a tendency of leading people on, don’t blame Niall.” He looked at me and scoffed, “Well at least I don’t walk out on people without hearing the complete story.” “An explanation didn’t seem necessary.” “Then clearly you need to learn to trust your best friend.” 

There was a moment of silence. “Or maybe I need a new best friend.” “Like you could get another.” He immediately realized what he’d said and turned to face me, with an apologetic face. “I didn’t mean that, jesus christ, what the hell am I doing.” He brushed his hand against his forehead and sighed. “Whatever.” I groaned with anger & walked away once again. 


Claire’s Point of View

“I didn’t know that was the last time I’d see him in a long time.” “Aw, why didn’t you come back like last time?” “He never called me baby.” I stroked her hair, she had long, brown, curly hair and green eyes just like her father, and those same rosy lips & little dimples that peered just over her cheeks, she squirmed in her blanket, trying to get more comfortable. She smiled at me, “Then what?” 

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