Live While We're Young

Lottie is a 16 year old crazed fan of One Direction. She sends One Direction an email and is really surprised when she gets a reply. She realises that she loves Harry, but Zayn also loves her. A fatal car crash changes everything and an old nightmare comes back......... Read on to find out what happens xxx


7. Twitter

*Tweet tweet* Well, looks like someones on Twitter.

Harry Styles: I feel so sorry for @Lottie1D. Her mum died, her dad's in hospital and now her brother's died. Love you babe <3


I couldn't bear to read anymore. It will make me think about him more. I ran out of the van. My eyes were blurred full of tears. All I heard was Harry scream Lots!

Next thing I knew a car was driving straight at me. All I did was scream.


Harry's P.O.V.


Omigod. Someone ran her over. Who the hell would do that? A girl ran up to me. It was Ellie, my ex. Ellie ran her over.

"Did you know you just ran over my girlfriend? How dare you Ellie?"

"Look, I wanted you to know that she's not good enough for you, she's butt ugly. I'm yours forever. We were so good together. She should back off the ugly cow." Ellie said.

"Ellie, I don't like you anymore, I thought we were friends but now I need to call an ambulance and Liam. Goodbye Ellie." I said whilst quickly writing down her license plate number on my hand. I looked through my contacts, ah ha Liam. 


"Hi Liam. Can't talk for long just ring the police and say our friend Lottie has been run over and tell them this license number. G560 KCC. Thanks Liam. Gotta call the ambulance. Meet you at the hospital. Byee!"


Oh I hope Lottie's alright.... 



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