Live While We're Young

Lottie is a 16 year old crazed fan of One Direction. She sends One Direction an email and is really surprised when she gets a reply. She realises that she loves Harry, but Zayn also loves her. A fatal car crash changes everything and an old nightmare comes back......... Read on to find out what happens xxx


10. Stop

Lottie's P.O.V


I couldn't get out of my head how much of a disaster it had been in the last couple of days, everything had fallen apart but somehow didn't seem so bad then. First I met Harry, what seemed to be the love of my life, then I got run over by Harry's ex (?!?) and I fell in love with Niall.

I'd always loved Harry and never really gave a second glance to Niall, of course, I loved all the boys to bits but every directioner has their favourite and mine was Harry. Niall was the sweet laughing one who had a beautiful smile and blonde hair but Harry was the cheeky naked one who had four nipples and amazing hair.

Harry began to cry in the corner of the room and I stared at him shocked. After I'd kissed Niall, Harry was already out of the room with Hannah, he was standing by my window, pushing her against the wall as he kissed her passionately. I felt really jealous so I began to flirt with Niall, he fell for it much to my relief and practically lay beside me in my bed, kissing me more passionately than Harry ever did. When Niall was kissing me, I kept trying to think what it was that had clicked when I kissed Niall, it was like we were meant to be and Harry was just the road I had to take to get to Niall.


Harry's P.O.V.


I stopped kissing Hannah and stared into her beautiful eyes. Then I saw Lottie and Niall flirting and it reminded me of how bad I felt just leaving Lottie there. I walked proudly into the room and walked over to Lottie.

"Lottie, I don't feel good about just leaving you like that." I said truthfully.

"Umm.. Niall, can you give us some privacy?" Lottie asked.

"Sure babe." Niall said before kissing Lottie's forehead.

"So, why did you just let me leave like that?" I asked Lottie.

She paused. A minute went by before she spoke.

"I knew you loved Hannah and I knew Hannah loved you. I saw the way Hannah looks at you. I just wanted her to be happy. I also knew that you loved her. Ever since you rang her, you've been looking at her like you used to look at me. I knew it but I didn't want to believe but I had to. I saw you and Hannah kissing and it broke me because I had been so focused on not believing it. I'm just in shock and wanted to be alone..."

She started crying as soon as she stopped. I gave her a huge hug. I understood her so much. I thought I'd leave her alone so I kissed her cheek and left her. I walked out quietly and saw Niall and Hannah sitting down hugging. Looks like they made up! I told them what happened and they totally understood.


Niall's P.O.V.


Me, Harry and Hannah were just about to start talking when someone stormed into Lottie's room. I immediatley jumped up and walked into the room to see this boy run up to her and threatened her to kiss him. She looked so scared. I watched to see what they did.

"Lottie, I love you. Kiss me or that leg of yours gets hurt more." the boy said.

"Jared, don't. I'm taken. I have just been hit by a car. The person that ran me over was my ex-boyfriends ex-girlfriend and my best friend and my ex-boyfriend kissed so nows not the time." Lottie explained shaking.

"Look babe, I know your hurting right now but when your better, I'll be coming back..." he said ominously.

He walked out. He took a glance at me and flounced off. I ran into the room as soon as he left.

"Omigod, Lots are you okay? I just saw that. Did he hurt you in anyway?" I said worried.

"No, I'm-I'm-I'm fine." she managed to say.

"Who is he anyway?"

"My ex-boyfriend."

"Are you sure you're okay? You're usually more lively than this."

"Can I tell you a secret?" she whispered.

"Sure babe, anything!"

"I'm scared. When he says something he means it. I learned that the hard way." she said whilst shivering.

I leaned in to hug her. She looked at me with those big brown eyes and I couldn't help but kiss her.

We were kissing for about 2 minutes and then when we separated, she buried her head into my chest and fell asleep. I told Hannah and Harry to go home before I got into bed with Lottie and cuddled her and myself to sleep.


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