Live While We're Young

Lottie is a 16 year old crazed fan of One Direction. She sends One Direction an email and is really surprised when she gets a reply. She realises that she loves Harry, but Zayn also loves her. A fatal car crash changes everything and an old nightmare comes back......... Read on to find out what happens xxx


12. Memories and knife

Lottie's P.O.V


I can't believe I will be spending Halloween in hospital, talk about creepy. And the boys will be in their house but Hannah will be with me. I just scared that Jared will come back in the middle of the night. I got a note on my bed. It read,


"Don't tell anyone about this. Keep it a secret. You got that?"


It came with a rose. A rose that Jared gave me on our first date. Memories came rushing back. Memories I didn't want. Memories that scared me. That music, that table, that alley, that knife....


I didn't want to do everything he said anymore so I ran, ran away. He ran after me and ran me into an alley. He was going to kill me but I managed to manouver his hand to my neck and cut me there. I still have the scar. 



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