My diary!

This is my real diary that I have started. Hope you like it! Sorry if it's boring, my life is pretty boring.


7. 14/08/12

Dear Lottie,

I woke up this morning and thought wow my legs aren't aching at all.I walked down stairs and thought okay maybe not.They were completely aching, like lead weights. Despite this I still got only the x trainer for a bit. I didn't work out as intense as yesterday cus man yesterday was tough. I need to let my body get used to this. Although I'm aching like mad it definitely felt easier than yesterday. I actually can't believe i'm doing this, I must be mad. I haven't really got much to say apart from I'm really tired and I'm moving in a few days. Quite excited! It means that I wont have internet from Saturday until Tuesday which kinda sucks but oh well i'll probz be busy anyway. Oh well.


- x -

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