My diary!

This is my real diary that I have started. Hope you like it! Sorry if it's boring, my life is pretty boring.


5. 12/08/12

Dear Lottie,

Today has been pretty chill really, I haven't actually got up to that much. All I really did was listen to some music and watch the men's marathon.Now i'm just lazing around on my bed. I'm going to watch the Olympic closing ceremony soon. I think it's quite sad that it's coming to an end. Now we have to wait another four years. I'm really proud of all of the British athletes I think they have done great and they're a real inspiration. Even some of the other athletes like Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps are really inspiring. If I was an athlete I would be a runner. I've always had that as a dream to be in the Olympics but I am no where near fit enough ; I guess I could always try. As soon as we move i'm going to start going on runs again. Ohhh we're moving this week!! I think we get the keys on Thursday, exciting stuff! I've still got a bit to pack so I better go.


- x -

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