My diary!

This is my real diary that I have started. Hope you like it! Sorry if it's boring, my life is pretty boring.


3. 08/08/12

Dear Lottie,

Today has been rather fun! I've had a day off from packing but I went to work with my dad. My dad is a plasterer but he has a painting job on at the moment (he's self employed) so I had to sand down a door before it could be painted. I know this sounds pretty boring but it was actually really fun and i'm getting payed for it. :) I think I might go to work with my dad more often, I love hanging out with him. After work we got fish and chips well just chips haha I don't like fish. As you can probz tell i'm in a random blabbing on about rubbish mood. In other words i'm kinda hyper! Also dad said I can go fishing with him on Friday, can't wait :D About the whole moving thing, the solicitor rang today and said that we can move in a week tomorrow quite excited really! Anyway gotta go talking to Joe my new bestie friend well just friend on facebook ;)


- x -

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