Hidden Secrets.

Janet hears a voice that calls to her every morning at 2:19am. She is determined to find out what happened in that house all those years ago.


2. The unknown.


Then everything was plummeted back into darkness, she scrambled for the lamp and turned it on. The picture was intact and back to normal and the shaking had stopped. The door was once again closed and heat allowed itself to cover her body again. Taking a slow step she went down the stairs, towards the bottom landing.


She passed so many pictures of relatives from the past, all wearing out of date clothes. There was a man with a circular head and a body to match; he wore a top hat and a white suit. Another there was a woman, wearing a dress; what is it with these women and dresses? Janet always thought. She was skinny, super model skinny. She rounded the corner onto the next lot of stairs; Janet could see the landing, and the front door. It had that kind of glass you saw in a church. There was a woman sitting under a tree within the glass.


The door freaked Janet out because every morning at this time, she came to life. Janet took one step down the stairs and the girl began to roll her shoulders. Taking a shaky breath Janet dared to take another step. No matter how many times she has seen this, it always put her on edge. The girl jumped up and sat on a branch on the tree, little gremlin type things dancing around the tree beneath. Janet’s mouth suddenly felt dry, she ran to the bottom of the stairs and watched the same image repeat.


The girl sat in the tree, watching the gremlin like creatures. A tear slid down her face as her black hair fell over her shoulders. Janet could never tell the true meaning to this story, but it scared her. The girl stood on the branch, raising her arms in the air before she jumped onto the ground. Her body twisted, and was misshapen, but she was not dead. She raised her head and looked straight at Janet, a wicked simile on her face, as the gremlins pulled her body up and hung her from the tree. Her body limp and lifeless. The gremlins chanted in an unknown language until a face appeared. A face of fire. Holes the size of bowling balls with a faint white light for the eyes. Its mouth full of teeth, and covered in venom. It was gone nearly as quick as it had arrived and the window was returned into its normal form. A girl sitting under a tree.


Biting her lip Janet continued into the sitting room. A large purple velvet rug lay spread across the floor. Striped cream wallpaper glued to the walls. The floral print couches looked like they were being sat on apart from nobody was there. A cupboard door sat quiet, until Janet entered. Whatever lay behind the door went into a panic mode, scratching, tearing, banging at the door. Screaming to be let out. Above the fireplace there was another canvas.


The canvas was a picture of Janet’s Great Aunt Rebecca. She looked exactly like Janet, her black hair was pleated down her side, she wore a beautiful floor length green ball gown. Her hands were clasped in front of her. Her grey eyes were the same as the four children in the other picture. That’s what worried Janet. Aunt Rebecca looked young in this painting, and she died young. She was just 19 years old when she died. The reason of death was unknown. The weirder part was that they never found the body.


Rebecca wasn’t smiling, not at all. Her face was firm and her eyes looked straight in front of her. Janet knelt in front of the fire, head in hands. Refusing to cry. “Janet!” The voice from the door shrieked, banging more furiously. “How many times do I have to tell you?! It’s locked!!!” Janet screamed back, her throat sore. She watched as blood began to seep from beneath the door and she scrambled back onto the couch. “Leave me alone! I can’t help you!” The walls trembled and ornaments fell off shelves, the light crashed to the floor as the creature hammered against the door.


She closed her eyes and chanted. “It’s not real. It can’t hurt you.” She cuddled the pillow and rocked. Until it went silent. She looked up and the room was back to normal, the creature was silenced and she could go back to her bed. She crawled up the stairs, past her parents and brothers rooms and collapsed back into her mattress. She drew the covers around her, cocooning herself from all danger. Her family never even stirred throughout all that noise. As if under a spell or maybe Janet made it all up. Maybe it was all in her imagination, but a voice kept whispering to her that it wasn’t. 

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