Hidden Secrets.

Janet hears a voice that calls to her every morning at 2:19am. She is determined to find out what happened in that house all those years ago.


4. Library.


The library wasn’t that big, it consisted on four book cases, one on each wall. Each filled with dusty old books, filled with what Janet always thought was useless information. The dark mahogany wood had recently been cleaned by Declan and he must have come across family records. The newly put in wooden floor shined as light from the window peaked through a gap in the curtains. The room smelled of the pages of books that might not have been touched in years. In the middle of the room sat a single desk. Old fashioned, with a hole where you would put ink for when they used a quill. It was all scratched, but that would have happened as it was used over the years.


Stacked on the desk there were three books. The one on the top of the pile was wrapped in black leather; Janet could see a layer of dust within the gold letters on the spine. GFR. What did that stand for? The pages were wrinkled and looked yellow. She traced it with her finger. Declan threw open the green cotton curtains. “Open it already!” He moaned pulling Janet out of her trance.


She sat in the dark wooden chair and he dropped the book in front of her. Dust rolled out of the pages and Janet coughed. “Sorry.” He apologised, a smirk on his face. His dimples faded as he pointed towards the book. “I’m opening it.” She took one last admiring glance at the cover before with a shaky hand she flipped to the first page.


“Osila Garret.” Declan scoffed. “Sounds posh.” Janet hit him. “That’s one of our grannies. Be respectful.” She glared at him. “Sorry Granny Osila.” Janet rolled her eyes and turned back to the page. “She was a Garret through marriage to our...” She trailed her finger along the book. “To our Granddad.... Irik Garret.” She tapped his name on the page. “Ok what is with the names?”

“Well Declan would sound weird to them.” Janet teased closing the book. They were on the last book. “I think the family in the pictures should be in this book.” Declan stated, looking proud of himself. “Yeah they aren’t that old. Well not as old as the other books. Will we be in this?” She tapped the red leather cover with the same letters GFR in gold inscribed.


“Yea I phoned up that guy... What’s his name...?” Declan clicked his fingers. “I can’t remember but he told me that he takes care of our family’s history, the money, the estate all that stuff. He is the one who makes sure this house is only passed onto family. It was the guy who made the house only demand. He was some sort of lord or sutin. I never paid attention.” He played with his soft ball, throwing it up in the air and catching it.


“You mean Tetan? Mr Tetan?” Janet asked. “That’s it!” He pointed his finger. “Well he told me someone updates the records every year so if the owner dies it’s easier to find relatives to take on the house and fortune that lies with it. That Lord or whatever was minted! He left tones of money and over the years it keeps on increasing.” Declan dropped the ball. “Well get reading and tell me what you find.” Janet flicked through the pages. Looking over the names of family members she has never met and will never meet. 

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