Hidden Secrets.

Janet hears a voice that calls to her every morning at 2:19am. She is determined to find out what happened in that house all those years ago.


3. Gannet.


“Janet, honey wake up.” Her mother’s voice filled her ears, drawing her from her slumber. “Mum.” She groaned turning onto her side, pulling at the covers to shield her eyes. “Honey you’re so pale don’t you want to go outside and get a tan?” Her mother opened the curtains with a screech. “I’m always pale mum.” Janet sat up, patting down her coal coloured hair. “Still you could get a tan.” He mum pouted, crossing her arms. She pulled herself out of bed letting out a yawn. “I’m not getting a tan mum.” She slid into her dressing gown and headed downstairs.


“Hey Gannet!” Janet rolled her eyes, passing her brother. He had the same black hair she did, but his skin constantly looked tanned. “Stop calling me that!” She shouted back, trudging down the next lot of stairs. She took a quick glance at the painting and shuddered, remembering last night. She stopped in her tracks and looked closer at the painting.


In the corner there was someone, a faint shadow. She couldn’t recognise who it was but it wasn’t there before. She took her finger and traced the figure. She could smell the old paints; Janet liked to paint and could tell they were old. The painting smelt like a dusty wall. “Not this again Janet.” Declan moaned, pulling her away from her thoughts. He spun her round with one of his rough hands. “Get lost.” She shoved her brother away.


“You want to know more bout all these paintings?” He raised an eyebrow. “No one knows anything else.” She stated, going around him to leave. “There are family records in the library.” She stopped and looked him up and down. “Really?”

“Yep.” He smirked he flung his arm round her shoulder and pulled her closer. “Now who’s the best bro in the world?” He put his hand to his ear, waiting for the reply. “You are Declan.” She hugged him and took off down the stairs.


“I’m coming with you!” He called catching up with her. “What! Why?” Janet couldn’t hide the disappointment in her voice. “I found the books I want to have a look.” He stood in front of her. “Fine but don’t get in my way.” She shoved him and headed straight towards the library. She swung the door open and marched into the room, closely followed by Declan. 

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