Hidden Secrets.

Janet hears a voice that calls to her every morning at 2:19am. She is determined to find out what happened in that house all those years ago.


6. Book.


She put her head on the desk and thought, the silence was peaceful. After the night she had, all she wanted was some peace and quiet. It was interrupted when she heard something, like someone going through the bookshelves. She ignored it and continued to think about the records. Janet looked up in shock. Wide eyed she scanned the room, in search for the noise that scared her, it was a loud thump like something had fallen. She looked at a large grey book, thrown in front of her.


“Declan?” She called expecting it was some kind of joke. “Oh you’ve scared me.” She waved her hands around her head, expecting him to jump out. “What is this book anyways?” She looked at it. “Faustian Bargain? What’s that mean?” It was inscribed in the front cover. “Declan?” She took one last look around the room and let out a sigh. She pushed away from the table and put the book back on the shelf, having no intention on reading it. She left the room and began to climb the stairs. 

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