I'll be your platinum, i'll be your silver, i'll be your gold <3

*AUTHORS NOTE* im so sorry about the paragraph thing, on my phone its being strange and posting weird, so if it gets so that you cant cope, just tell mee and ill change it when i go onto my laptop :D

Turn the page to Chapter one as Paige, Louis sister, suffers from depression and sadness from not seeing her dear beloved brother. And what happens when he makes a desicion that would change his life forever? What happens when she falls in love with his bestfriend? And what will happen when an extra four fans come into it? Not everythings a fairytale, you might think it is, but its not. Its hell.


1. The X Factor :)

Ill be your platinum, ill be your silver, ill be your gold <3

Chapter one;

You may think being a celebritys sister is the best thing to happen.  You'd think id be proud of my brother, which of corse i am! But im not going to lie, its a living hell. It all started when...
'Paige, wake up!' my brother shouted from downstairs.
'Urg' i huffed. 
He was seriously waking me up at 7am?!
Sometimes i hate him.
But i don't mean it, don't freak, i love him more than describable!
'Louis, your kidding me! Its 7am! You cant be that excited! We don't leave until 9!' i moaned.
'Well then you've got 2 hours to get ready haven't you, hurry up!'
I decided i wasnt going to be able to get back to sleep with Louis and his friends all acting like children down stairs, so i quickly dressed in some casual skinny jeans and a simple blue top, then scooped my long brown hair into a messy bun. My make up was done by 7.45am and i was completely ready by 8am after re-doing my hair.
As i dragged my feet down the stairs and found a way past all the duvets and 'boy-mess' on the floor, i joined my mum, brother, younger sister and his annoying friends at the kitchen table. It was big as the boys usually stayed round at ours, but we enjoyed their company. He had four other friends, who were like his brothers. They had all entered a singing competition that was very famous in the UK as solo singers. I remember the day like it was just yesterday. I went with Louis on the train to Manchester where the nearest auditions were being held. He talked about how nervous he was, how hopeful he was and how much he wanted this shot. He was by far a very good singer, and his face was lit up as he walked off the stage with his three yeses after singing 'Hey there Delilah and wooing over the three judges in front of him. It looked like a lamp was being shone on it, and i was so proud of my older brother! No one understood how proud i was, no one ever would, but lets just say proud is an understatement. He was away a week or two in boot camp, dancing and singing his heart away and having the time of his life. I missed him during those two weeks. I missed him a lot...
After the two weeks i traveled back up to Manchester alone. It was a weird feeling. Mum had been very ill so couldn't come to see him perform either time. Anyway, i watched him sing again and dance for the judges and he came off with a smile that wouldn't go no matter what he was told. He introduced me to some of his new friends that he'd met, not the boys though, that came next.
Louis and the rest of the boys category were asked to go onto the stage next. My heart pounded, i was so nervous for him. He had his heart set on being a singer, an he was darn good at it!
'Nicolo Festa'
'Paije Richardson'
'Aiden Grimshaw'
'Matt Cardle'
'Tom Richards'
'Matt Cardle'
The names fell out of Simons mouth, and when he was finally done, he signalled for all the boys to go off. I bit my nails as soon as i saw Louis coming off the stage. His face was burried in his hands and he sniffled a few times. He walked straight towards me, using  my shoulder to cry on. He poured his heart out to me, crying his eyes out all the time. He wanted it so badly! I felt horrible. The pain inside of me just thinking about it made me melt. He told me how this was just the start, and he wouldn't give up. He said he'd follow his dreams until he reached the stars. Oh how inspiring he was.
So me and Louis walked away after him sobbing backstage into my nice new top for about 20 minutes. Of corse he was still sobbing, explaining to me again how much he wanted it. As we reached the doors, someone called after us. I spun around first, expecting Louis had just blocked everything out of his mind.
'Wait!' a curly haired boy shouted.
Louis spun round and raised an eyebrow. I was much more interested in the gorgeous creature in front of me. He had sparkling green eyes, and his face was red raw, but he still pulled the look off fantastically! He was breathtaking...
'They've called all the boys back, Simons orders' he raised the tips of his lips a little bit, a fake smile of corse. Louis glanced at me, so i smiled numbly and he followed the curly haired boy. I caught up after staring at the back of his body for a second and he gave me a cheeky wink before joining the others, i waited near the stage.
'If your name is called, please make your way back onto the stage' the man said, checking his list as he went.
'Zayn Malik'
'Liam Payne'
'Harry Styles'
'Niall Horan'
The stagehand took a pause to find the last name, and i was so hoping Louis was called. I watched him stand there, chewing at his nails and fidgeting constantly, making me let out a little giggle.
'Louis Tomlinson' he finally said, and Louis sighed with relief. I patted his back as he went onto the stage and he hugged me speedily. The rest of the boys who hadn't been called walked out of the building with the heads held low and their eyes pouring with tears.
'So you may be wondering why you've been called back' Nicole started, with her slow and sweet voice and a smile on her lips.
'We think you just all too talented to let go of, and, if were honest, think you'd all be much better, as two separate bands. A girl band, and a boy band' Simon explained. Louis looked over to me quickly, and i gave him a thumbs up and a smile.
'So would you be willing to do that?' Louis Walsh asked nervously.
Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn and Louis looked at each other, and all nodded happily, then again at the judges.
'Excellent, well then we'll see you at judges houses' Simon grinned and the boys went wild, hugging each other and screaming insanely. I couldn't help myself but run on stage past the stag hand and hug Louis so tightly. From where i was, i thanked Simon silently and carried on hugging Louis. We were all sent off and all the boys instantly started talking about the oppotunity.
'Well i think you'll all be great together, you'll have fun in where ever you're going! Louis you should probably ring mum!' i smiled,  handing him my phone and smiling from ear to ear.
'You must be proud' a deep husky voice said behind me. I jumped a little and turned around to see Harry, the curly haired boy.
'Of corse i am, of all of you, you don't even know how much!' i squealed.
'Its the start of a brand new friendship then isnt it?' he winked one last time, then went to chat with the irish boy,  Niall.
Now what did he mean by that...?
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