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*AUTHORS NOTE* im so sorry about the paragraph thing, on my phone its being strange and posting weird, so if it gets so that you cant cope, just tell mee and ill change it when i go onto my laptop :D

Turn the page to Chapter one as Paige, Louis sister, suffers from depression and sadness from not seeing her dear beloved brother. And what happens when he makes a desicion that would change his life forever? What happens when she falls in love with his bestfriend? And what will happen when an extra four fans come into it? Not everythings a fairytale, you might think it is, but its not. Its hell.


5. Taking a turn for the worst :)


Ill be your platinum, ill be your silver, ill be your gold  

Chapter 5;



' Well that was fun' i said, rolling my eyes. Me, Louis, Liam, Zayn, Niall and Harry clambered into the boys tour bus thing that had come to drive us all the way to London. Why? Im not even sure of that myself? When i say that, i mean why I'm going. Don't get my wrong, its good seeing my brother often, but i still don't get why they're letting me come.

'Stop being so whinny' Harry chuckled from the bunk above me. I felt it rattle a little and suddenly i found him squishing my up against the side of the bus, making himself at home next to me.
'Comfy?' i joked, and he nodded. I felt so safe with Harry, like he was meant to be there. Oh god. This wasn't good. You see, to Louis' friends, as Louis liked it, i was known as off limits. As in, i was untouchable. God knows what would happen if i started to like one. Well, i guess were going to find out, aren't we?



I ended up falling asleep in the same bunk that evening. We'd been just fooling around for a while, and the boys had all gone to sleep around us. I woke up the next morning and Paige was snuggled up to me, her head perfectly fitting in the gap of my neck and a smile spread across her face. I played with her hair a little, and brushed a hand across her face, when i heard someone phone ringing loudly. Moans and groans came next, and Niall, Zayn and Liam slipped out o their bunks sleepily to find who it was.
'Zayn its yours' Niall said, throwing Zayns phone at him and going back to sleep. He winked at me and i realised he'd seen me in the wrong bunk. Oh well, Niall didnt care, as long as she cooked for him. It was Louis i was more worried about. It would be crazy if i started getting feelings for her and then it would cause a whole drama scene and yeah, that wouldn't be good. Although, i may have just jinx myself.
'Louis i need to talk to you' Paige smiled. We were all sat in the little living room type thing, me and Zayn messing on the xbox, Liam doing a twitcam and Niall and Louis casually tweeting and laughing at stupid stuff.

They went off and my stomach dropped. What if it was about me?

No wait, why would it be about me? She doesn't like me does she? Does she?



'What did you want?' i smiled back as we walked away from the others.

'What would you say, if i, i, i umm...' she started.

'If you what?' i hissed.

'Liked one of your friends' she muttered, trailing the words a little, like a snail.

'Your off limits, I've made that clear to them' i stated, beginning to walk off.

'But what if i don't want to be off limits?' she said, stopping me in my tracks.

'Tough, you are, i don't want you getting hurt!' i raised my voice a little, causing the boys to pause their game and listen.

'Im not a little kid anymore Lou! I have my freedom. You don't need to protect me' she said calmly.

'Yes i do! Ive had enough. Your off limits to the boys for the last time' i finalised. I wasn't going to let my baby sister get hurt, and even though i trusted the boys with Kevin's life, i still wasn't going there.

'Just let me have fun for once, your a horrible brother Louis!' she screamed. Thats what hurt. She called me a horrible brother. Im only trying to do whats best for her.

I felt a few tears welling up in my eyes, so i scowled at her, and walked toward the room at the back of the bus, another living room if you want to call it that. She walked in the opposite direction, towards the bunks.

Harry pushed past me and ran after her, while the boys just sat and stared.

'Well, i have to go now, bye' Liam said to his webcam, shutting off his laptop and sighing.

'Now who's going to play with me?' Zayn asked, pointing towards the xbox and whimpering. I witnessed it all as i walked off. But i tried to block them out. I was more upset about the fact that my sister had called me horrible. My whole aim in life - to protect her - was shattering slowly, but i had my glue ready.

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