I'll be your platinum, i'll be your silver, i'll be your gold <3

*AUTHORS NOTE* im so sorry about the paragraph thing, on my phone its being strange and posting weird, so if it gets so that you cant cope, just tell mee and ill change it when i go onto my laptop :D

Turn the page to Chapter one as Paige, Louis sister, suffers from depression and sadness from not seeing her dear beloved brother. And what happens when he makes a desicion that would change his life forever? What happens when she falls in love with his bestfriend? And what will happen when an extra four fans come into it? Not everythings a fairytale, you might think it is, but its not. Its hell.


6. Full house :)

Ill be your platinum, ill be your silver, ill be your gold <3

Chapter 6;

'I can't believe, we met, One Direction' Megan breathed, smiling.
It was the day after the concert, and we were all sat in my house. My parents were out for the week at my grans, but i didn't get up in time to go with them, so they left me a note and went.
'I know! You guys want to sleep at mine tonight?' i asked. They all nodded in response.

'Okay, ill see you later' i smiled to my phone.
'Who was that?' Chiara said sneaked up behind me.
I was walking to Chelseas after getting all my stuff for tonight,  when i thought i better give Zayn a call. Besides, it had been a day and he'd think i wasnt interested. Hell yeah i was!
'Zayn...' i muttered and she stopped in her tracks.
'Zayn.Malik' she said,  taking long pauses.
'Yeah?' i said calmly, but i couldn't hold it in any longer, and both of us screamed loudly!
'What did he say!?' she exclaimed eagerly.
'Just saying that he wanted to come over tonight, but i told him i was at Chelsea's with you lot?' i shrugged.
'Your such an idiot' she said,  giving me 'a look'.
'Why?' i asked.
Instead of replying, she rudely snatched my phone from my hands and texted him, asking him and the lads to come over to Chelsea's address if they wanted to see us. Zayn immediately agreed which made me smile,  so me and Chiara quickly speed walked to her house. 
Megan and Chelsea were there when we simply walked into her house like it was our own. We always did.

'Okay girls, get films,  One Direction are on their way here' i ordered and Megan and Chelsea's jaws dropped.
'Your kidding?' they squealed. I shook my head and they started jumping up and down excitedly. 
'How!?' Chelsea screamed.
'That doesn't matter, just go, i think their already here!' Alicia yelled from the window where she was watching from. We all gathered around the small window pane to see a black limo with tinted windows and a posh chauffeur parked up directly across the street. There was no room on this side as there were Chelsea's neighbours. They were greedy and took up lots of car room.
'Act natural' we all ran towards the couches,  trying to look at normal as possible. Chelsea stayed near the door so she could answer it, while i flicked the TV on and pulled out my phone.  There were some messages from friends asking how yesterday had gone! I was surprised that i hadn't checked my phone and replied yesterday, but hey,  thats what things do to you when you meet One Direction!

Knock knock.
We all froze in our seats, well i did anyway.
'ANSWER IT THEN!' Chiara, Alicia and Megan shouted in sync. I held my hands up i surrender and skipped over to the door. Through the peep hole i saw Niall's beautiful eyes staring up at me, Harrys curls covered by a black hood and an umbrella covering the 7 figures. Wait, 7?
'Hey!' i smiled, trying to sound casual and not freak out.
'Hi' Niall grinned, looking me up and down. I looked down to see i was wearing my pyjamas. Good un' Chelsea.
'Urm, sorry about the pyjamas, we didn't except you straight away, come in' i stuttered. The boys were familiar, but the other two faces i couldn't make out. They were girls, because they had their faces made up and a few pieces of hair were poling out from their hoods.
'I know you didn't expect 7 of us, but we really wanted to come and I was with Olivia and Paige, i hope you don't mind, they're not much bother' Louis chuckled, putting his arm around Olivia and almost hitting Paige in the face. She sighed and waved, pulling down her hood and fixing her hair.
'No its fine, i have enough space' i bragged a little, pointing towards the living room where the girls were. This was going to be a fun night! I could already tell.
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