I'll be your platinum, i'll be your silver, i'll be your gold <3

*AUTHORS NOTE* im so sorry about the paragraph thing, on my phone its being strange and posting weird, so if it gets so that you cant cope, just tell mee and ill change it when i go onto my laptop :D

Turn the page to Chapter one as Paige, Louis sister, suffers from depression and sadness from not seeing her dear beloved brother. And what happens when he makes a desicion that would change his life forever? What happens when she falls in love with his bestfriend? And what will happen when an extra four fans come into it? Not everythings a fairytale, you might think it is, but its not. Its hell.


4. Exchanging numbers :)


Ill be your platinum, ill be your silver, ill be your gold  

Chapter 4;


They were stood right in front of us. I wanted to let a scream fly out and hit everyones ears madly, but that would be weird. And who couldn't care a less than Chiara, the girl who screamed her head off.
'Hi' Harry finally said once we'd calmed her down.

'Im so sorry about that' i apologised as Chelsea and Alicia stood with Chaira, waiting for her to stop screaming.

'Its fine, we get it all the time, much crazier stuffs happened' Niall explained while laughing.

I noticed a pair of eyes glued to me, so i decided to pay a visit to the bands drummer, Josh.

'So, why aren't you stood with the boys? People want your autograph too' i smiled.

'No they don't' he argued, chuckling and smiling at the ground.

'Well i do' i said, and he lifted his chin up, grinned from ear to ear. Why was he so happy?


'You okay now?' i asked Chaira, as she took a deep breath and shook herself off.

'Yeah' she smiled, taking her eyes to Liam, who was talking to Louis and Olivia. I noticed when Liam left to talk to Chiara, Olivia disappeared to talk to some girl who was slumped in a chair in the corner on her phone. Why was t she excited?! One Direction were in the room for flack sake!? Her hood was pulled tight over her head and she kept her face out of my view.

'Hey' someone suddenly spoke from behind me. I snapped out of my daydream and spun round to see Niall Horan looking down at me. I was only small and he towered over me a good two, maybe three, inch.
'Hi, whos that girl over there?' i asked, forgetting it was Niall Horan.

'Um, I'm not sure' he said shakily, looking past my eyes. He was lying, i guessed.

'Okay then' i smiled. He asked if i wanted a photo and stuff, so i agreed and we sat down to talk for a while.



'Hey babe' Zayn grinned as he approached me.

'Hi, you just called me babe, and I'm surprised i didn't faint...' i giggled, and he joined in the laughing.

'Im Alicia' i introduced myself, holding out and hand to shake his. Instead he gave me a warm hug and smiled. We chatted about him being a pop star and i told him a few things about myself, then he signed my photos and stuff, leaving a sweet message behind after getting a photo with me.

We all got the other boy signatures too, then all a photo together, until it was time to leave. The girl and Olivia hadn't moved from the corner, but i really wanted Olivia's autograph too. I mean, she WAS Louis' girlfriend, and she was a big idol for me. So why not?

'Hey Olivia, i don't suppose i could get your autograph too?' i asked politely.

'Sure sweetie, whats your name?' she said, looking for a space where the lads hadn't wrote.

'Alicia' i replied.

She wrote, then examined the photo.

'There ya' go hun, and just look, Zayn even left his number' she whispered the last bit and i instantly looked at it.


'Hey gorgeous, hope you enjoyed the concert, call me sometime?...' was scribbled down in his neatest writing, with his singature underneath. Wow.

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