I'll be your platinum, i'll be your silver, i'll be your gold <3

*AUTHORS NOTE* im so sorry about the paragraph thing, on my phone its being strange and posting weird, so if it gets so that you cant cope, just tell mee and ill change it when i go onto my laptop :D

Turn the page to Chapter one as Paige, Louis sister, suffers from depression and sadness from not seeing her dear beloved brother. And what happens when he makes a desicion that would change his life forever? What happens when she falls in love with his bestfriend? And what will happen when an extra four fans come into it? Not everythings a fairytale, you might think it is, but its not. Its hell.


2. Eager minds :)


Ill be your platinum, ill be your silver, ill be your gold


Chapter two;


'Come on mum, get in the car!' Louis beeped the horn from the passenger seat excitedly.

'Calm down Lou!' i chuckled from one of the remaining five backseats i was struggling to get into.

'I want to get there!' he screamed happily. I was sat in the middle seats, next to Niall and then Liam on the other side of him. Harry and Paige had offered to sit in the back.

'Calm down Louis' Joe, his mum, repeated, turning on the radio and giggling.

We sang along to the various songs that came on and danced stupidly as cars went past. Paige was being quite in the back while Harry was tweeting about the up coming event.

'Louis, why are you so excited anyway?' Harry asked all of a sudden when we were waiting at some traffic lights.

'It ours first, i want to make it the best!' he shouted, smiling and showing his perfect teeth.

'I suppose' he murmured back, then went back to his phone.



'Why are you so quiet?' i kept my voice low so i couldn't be heard over the blasting stereo that the lads were fooling around to.

'Nothing, just thinking' she smiled, then returned to her thoughts.

'Okay then' i grinned. She sighed, then continued to stare out of the window.

'Louis! You didn't tell me Olivia was going?!' Niall shouted, a little smile coming across his face.
'Yeah? I thought you knew!' Louis snorted.

Olivia was Louis girlfriend. She was, if i say so myself, gorgeous, with her long brown hair and her sparkling brown eyes. She was Louis, and they were honestly as happy as Larry. He'd told me once exactly how he felt when he was around, and i found for some reason i could relate to it, but not with Olivia, with someone else, the girl sat right next to me. The one that was staring out of the window while her thoughts developed in her mind. That one...



'I cant believe we got those free tickets! I didn't expect we would!' Chiara sqealed, followed by a scream by myself, Megan and Alicia. We had entered a competition to get free tickets to a concert in the local park. We had also entered a competition to get backstage passes, and were hoping we won that too!


After an endless journey and a long wait in line, we finally got into the park. We wanted to be near the front, so the four of us ran as fast as we could to the main audience and pushed our way to the barrier! We huffed and puffed as we moved everyone out of the way and made space so we could breathe, and soon enough we were dancing and singing away to the music that had been put on while the acts were getting ready. 'One Direction were going to be here, ONE DIRECTION!!! Ahhh!!!!!' I mentally pinched myself in the arm to make sure it was real and sure enough it was!


'And now welcoming our sixth act, make some noise for the one and only, ONE DIRECTION!!!'
My eardrums burst at the name. Im pretty sure.

No they were fine, i screamed my head off as they ran out onto the stage together, looking out to the audience of 70,000 people or maybe more! And i was at the front! Ahh!!!

'Hey guys, how are you all today?' Liam asked, causing and eruption of screams. They decided to just get on with the songs. They performed WMYB, Up all night and One Thing, and it was the best experience ever!

At the end of their fablouis singing, the host came out and thanked them, but they didn't leave stage.
'Boys, could you draw out three numbers from this pot please. The three numbers in the exact order will be the last three numbers of a lucky persons phone number. That person is our VIP winner!' he explained and i constantly kept repeating my own numbers in my head.

492, 492, 492, 492....

'492!!!!' the man shouted and i took a second to comprehend. That was my number, and i was about to meet one direction. Omfg.

'Thats me!!!' i screamed into the silent crowd.

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