Let Me Love You...

Darcy is just moving into LA and getting use to the city when she meets two mystery boys, who happen to be apart of the biggest boy band in thew world. But thats not even the best part... she might just fall for one of them.


15. we have guests

I felt absolutely horrible about the whole England idea. Laci hadn’t spoken to me the rest of the morning and I heard her talking to Niall about it over the phone. Considering Laci hadn’t tried to change my mind all morning, he hadn’t known what to do as well. I decided since Laci definitely wasn’t going to speak to me the rest of the time she was here, I’d go out to the beach to get some sun.

My closet doors flung open as I searched the racks for something to get the boys attention. I spotted my black strapless bikini with a coral blue splatter paint all over it and quickly slipped it on, placing some tie dye rocker shorts over it with a snapbacl on my head and a tank top for a shirt. My feet squeezed into some old worn out white flip flops as I grabbed the nearest bag, throwing some sun tan lotion in it. I made sure to put a few layers of water proof mascara on, considering I was going to a beach in LA where I’m sure a lot of perfect toned guys would be. Before I left I glanced at myself in the mirror, noticing my worn out eyes and slumped body language. I hated my reflection.

Trying to keep an up beat attitude I skipped out the door and into the kitchen grabbing a water bottle before I left. Opening the bottle I gulped down half of it and threw it in my bag, figuring I would save the rest for later. Before I could grab anything else I heard a fake cough from behind me and quickly spun around to see Laci, still in her fuzzy slippers and hair in a messy bun with a frown plastered on her face.

“Hey pal,” I greeted her, trying to be as sweet as I possibly could right now.

“where are you going?” she scoffed at me.

Shocked that she replied, I quickly blurted out “the beach” causing her frown to turn into a scour.

“not today you are. We are having guests,” she informed me.

“uh…what?” I asked, nearly choking on my spit.

“I invited some people over,” she explained, sounding totally nonchalant about it, “I hope you don’t mind.”

She quickly flashed me a sweet smile, sitting down on the bar stool connected to our island. I felt my mouth drop as I took a huge breath in trying to control my anger.

“well then who’s coming over?” I asked, slightly annoyed that I wasn’t allowed to go to the beach.

Her fingers crept up to her lip, pretending to zip them shut and locking them, throwing the imaginary key over her shoulder. I sighed, leaning on the island so that we were making direct eye contact.

“but you might want to change into something more….appealing,” Laci warned me, walking away to her room, “oh and they’ll be here in 30 minutes!”

Before I could reject she slammed the door, signaling the conversation was over and I would be staying home.

Mad I wasn’t going to the beach, I dragged my feet back into my room and plopped down onto my bed staring at the ceiling. My eyes scanned the fan slowly rotating in anti-clockwise position as I played with a loose string on my bag. Now in a bad mood, I picked myself up and peered into my closet, not excited about having to re-pick my outfit. Since I didn’t know who ‘our guests’ would be I decided to wear my usual, dark skinny jeans with a black sleeveless blouse, that was completely made out of lace. Under the lace I wore a cream tank top making my eyes seem much prettier then they actually were. Not knowing what to do with my hair I left it natural, so that it flowed past my chest making my torso seem longer. Most girls would slip on some wedges to complete ‘the look’ I was going for but I decided to just place some warm soft Nike socks on and call it a day.

I glanced at the clock to see it was already 10:00. I had no idea when they’d be here so I decided to check on Laci. skipping over to her door, I obnoxiously knocked hard on it, making sure she heard me this time. I heard her scream “come in!” and shuffled on in her room to find her dressed in a black lace dress with royal blue fabric under it, making her dirty blonde hair glimmer. She was in the middle of curling her hair but man was she breath taking.

“oh hi Darc, didn’t expect you to get ready so early,” she greeted me signaling me to sit down. I guess she was in a good mood now, so I did as told and rested on her bed, still in awe of how beautiful she looked.

“if I would’ve known how dressed up you were, I would’ve dressed better,” I admitted, glancing down at the attire I was wearing, now not feeling so confident in it. I heard her giggle to herself.

“I just wanted to look good considering our guest are very popular,” she explained, letting the newly curled piece of hair fall to her shoulder. My eyebrows scrunched together trying tot think who Laci knew that was popular but nothing came to mind. she must’ve noticed I was in deep thought.

“don’t hurt yourself, sweetie,” she giggled. I quickly shot her a look.

“no offense, Lac but I can’t think of anyone that you would know that’s popular.” I saw her mouth drop as she slowly turned around.

“I know lots of popular people!” she defended herself, “I just don’t like to brag about them…” I chuckled to myself, realizing how much I would miss her when she was gone.

“so how did the boys react when you told them I wasn’t coming…” I asked, trying to change the subject.

“well considering you only know three of them, they didn’t seem to mind,” she informed me, not seeming to think anything of the question I just asked.

“oh,” I muttered, looking at the ground.

Laci must’ve noticed that I wasn’t too thrilled about having none of three members of One direction I knew care I wouldn’t ever see them again.

“well Niall seemed to be pretty upset, he was really hoping you’d come,” Laci explained, trying to make me feel better.

I gave her a quick smile and nodded my head as She quickly went back to her curling hair, humming songs from the radio playing beside her. when she finally reached her last strand of hair, we heard the door bell ring and Laci quickly brushed me away to answer it.

Grumbling to myself, I scurried off to the door, skidding my feet against the hard wood tile. I took a huge breath in, putting on that oh so familiar fake smile and opened the door.

“uh hi,” was the only thing I could get out because In front of me stood five breath taking creatures that went by the name of One Direction. My eyes widened as I quickly remember Laci saying our guest were popular. I had no idea she meant like the most popular boy band in the world popular. Inviting them in, I quickly hollered for Laci to come out. She did as told and as soon as she saw Niall a huge smile planted on her face.

“hey Ni,’ she greeted, giving him a kiss on the cheek. His lips curved into a smile revealing his braces as he gave her a kiss as well. Someone from behind him, which was one of the members I didn’t know, lightly coughed signaling Niall that there were other people in the room.

“oh um Darcy this is Louis,” Niall introduced me.

My eyes analyzed my new friend. He wore a dark grey shirt with a picture of a band I had never seen before and under his shirt were some shorts that went just above the knee that were a shade of blue I hadn’t seen before. Placed on top of his head was a beanie, pulling back his straight brown hair back, letting his face shine from the stream of sunlight coming through the windows. His five a clock shadow gave me the impression he was older then the other boys.

“nice to meet you Darcy,” he greeted me, revealing his voice was a bit higher then the other boys, almost girlier you might say but it still made me blush just to have him say my name.

“oh and this is Liam,” Niall informed me, patting his hand on Liam’s back, causing him to stumble forwards almost bumping into me.

“hello darling,” he grinned at me, revealing he had just as low voice as Harry except his was crystal clear and right to the point.

My eyes scanned him as well, noticing he was the only one of the boys who had dressed up a bit. He was wearing Dark blue jeans that lightened up around the bum, not that I was looking there and on the torso was a long sleeved grey shirt, in which he had pulled up the sleeves. The shirt hugged his ripped body absolutely wonderfully, making my cheeks get red just at looking at him.

“hi,” I sweetly greeted, being my normal shy self.

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