Let Me Love You...

Darcy is just moving into LA and getting use to the city when she meets two mystery boys, who happen to be apart of the biggest boy band in thew world. But thats not even the best part... she might just fall for one of them.


2. The storm

It was still raining hard and my clothes gave me as much warmth as a swimsuit. Thank god I was bright enough to grab my navy blue ‘Jack Wills’ sweatshirt before we left. I got a few dirty looks from Laci while putting it on but it was still better then freezing to death.




We walked around town, yes in the freezing rain, for about an hour before my hair was totally soaked and Laci wasn’t having fun anymore we spotted a tiny ice cream shop close by and decided to stay there until the rain died down. The place was totally deserted except for a cute old couple snuggling together to stay warm. I ordered a small cup of rocky road while Laci only got a water bottle. She acted like a model, so I never expected her to eat anything. We sat by the table closest to the door that had a window by it. Thankfully the rain was blowing the other direction so we could see out it perfectly. I was dazed by the raindrops when Laci said something.

“this is NOT how I wanted to spend my first day exploring LA,” she wined, “I expected to find celebrities and hot guys running around shirtless and being invited to parties…not staying in a smelly old ice cream shop all day.”

“I don’t know, I kinda like it. We didn’t really plan it and its kinda like a adventure!” I said trying to brighten up the mood.

Laci shot me a look, telling me that anything I said would just make it worse. I caught the drift. I looked out the window again, watching people scurry around, trying to get out of the rain. I noticed that everyone was covered up today considering it was freezing and wet outside. I must’ve looked ridiculous in my short shorts and hoodie. I sighed.

“well maybe tomorrow it’ll be sunny and we can go to the beach together,” I pointed out, hoping she would get out of the moapy mood.

“ya…maybe,” she replied, “ hey Darc, I think I’m gonna use the bathroom real quick.”

I nodded my head and watched her walk up to the ice cream lady reading her magazine. I could read Laci’s lips when she asked where the bathroom was but after that she began getting a little angry then stomped away. I raised my eyebrows at her, signaling her to tell me what’s up.

“they don’t have a bathroom here,” she said through her teeth, “she told me the nearest bathroom is a block away.”

“ugh, you’ve got to be kidding me?….Alright lets go,” I said getting up to walk with her but she quickly pushed me back down.

“no stay here, I promise I’ll be back soon,” she told me while walking out the door.

“but Laci! You could get mugged or hurt or killed,” I reasoned with her. She gave me a look.

“its LA, not a back alley. I think I’m going to be ok if I walk to the bathroom,” she told me sarcastically.

Before I could say anything else she slammed the door in my face, leaving me by myself in an old ice cream shop in the middle of LA. I sighed beginning to eat my ice cream. I quickly finished and threw it away. having nothing else to do, I began tapping my fingers on the wooden table, it was a nervous habit of mine. I heard the door open behind me and my heart skipped a beat. I swiftly turned around hoping to see Laci but instead it was two tall boys covered head to toe and totally drenched. I groaned and turned back around, becoming more and more worried about Laci. One of the boys bumped into me, hitting my head with his elbow.

“ouch,” I moaned, rubbing my head.

“oh sorry” he mumbled, walking away and trying to cover up his face.

“rude,” I stuttered under my breath.

My fingers began tapping louder and louder, making it so everyone in the shop could hear it. I tried to get my mind off of Laci but I was a worrier. What if she got hurt? Or kidnapped? Or even worst! …. My heart pounded from my chest and my eye brows scrunched together. The two boys tried to leave the shop but the ice cream lately quickly stopped them.

“the storm is getting pretty bad. You two boys better stay in here for a little,” she warned them.

They both agreed and sat down in the table next mine. For a brief moment I made eye contact with the one that accidentally hit me but he was wearing sunglasses so I didn’t get to see much of his face. I quickly looked away, blushing. To make myself seem busy I glanced out the window, except this time I couldn’t see out of it anymore. The sky was dark making it so no sunlight could break through. God I hope Laci made it ok to the bathroom. Suddenly, I heard a giant rip of thunder and it shook the ice cream shop.

“AHHH!” I yelped. Now shaking from the storm.

I got looks from everyone one in the shop, even the two boys that had just came in. I put my head down in shame. I couldn’t help it, I was deathly afraid of storms. Time seemed to be going slower and slower but thankfully the storm began to die down a little. As soon as the lady told us it was ok to leave I dashed out of there looking for Laci.


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