Let Me Love You...

Darcy is just moving into LA and getting use to the city when she meets two mystery boys, who happen to be apart of the biggest boy band in thew world. But thats not even the best part... she might just fall for one of them.


9. the new game

The club hadn’t been that fun for me. Creeps would come and sit next to me, hitting on me. It got so bad that I had to go back into the private room Niall and Harry had rented. Laci wasn’t in here with Niall yet so I had about 10 minutes at most alone. I laid down on the couch, slipping my flats off. My eyes gently shut and I zoned out the club music, beginning to fall asleep. My mind began drifting off when I heard a chuckle, my eyes opened to see a guy. A bit older then Niall or Harry, with black styled hair and an award winning smile. He was wearing a buttoned down grey shirt with tux pants and Italian shoes. I quickly got up fixing my hair.

“oh hi… I didn’t hear you come in,” I muttered.

“oh sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt you sleeping, I just thought that my friends rented this room. I’ll go-”

“is your friends perhaps, Niall or Harry?” I asked realizing that he could be a friend of there’s.

“ya that’s them…and who might you be?” he asked sitting next to me on the couch, putting his arm it so he could face me.

“Darcy,” I told him holding my hand out for him to shake.

“Zayn,” he said shaking my hand. His hand sent electricity through my body, giving me a tingly feeling. “so why aren’t you out there partying?”

“oh I um…didn’t really plan on coming to a club tonight,” I admitted still kind of dazed by his accent.

“ya me too,” he agreed, “maybe we can hang out together…I mean if that’s ok with you..”

“of course,” I said a little too excited, making myself look like a total looser. Man was I doing that a lot lately.

Zayn searched around to find a game to play or something but it was hopeless, this was a club not a playground.

“how about truth or dare?” offered with a sly smile. A huge grin grew on his face.

“only if you’re up to it.”

“oh I’m up to it,” I said a little too cocky.

I sat down on the floor, between the couch and a little coffee table in front of it. Zayn sat on the opposite side. I was the first to go.

“truth or dare?” I asked him, raising my eyebrows a bit.


“umm have you ever failed a class?” I asked not being able to think of a better question.

“no, my turn,” he told me, “do you have a boyfriend?”

I dont know why but as soon as he asked me, my mind went straight to Harry…

“no,” I bluntly told him in shame, “do you?”

“you didn’t ask me truth or dare,” he replied giving me a cheeky smile.

“oh ok!” i replied sarcastically, “truth or dare?”


“I dare you to tell me if you have a girlfriend!” I wittingly asked him. He put a serious expression on his face and I knew. I knew I had opened up too early…I was making a fool of myself…I glanced down at the ground “oh sorry I didn’t mean to-”

“I don’t have a girlfriend,” he blurted out. I quickly looked up at him, peering into his chocolate brown eyes, that shined.

“cool,” I muttered like an idiot, dazzled with this mystery boy. He flashed me a smile, revealing his perfect teeth. I wasn’t one to fall for a boy that I just met but oh man…this guy…he was something…

We continued to play truth or dare for a little while longer. Then Zayn had an excellent idea to play a new game called beer pong. I hadn’t played this game before but it sounded like fun. So He ordered 12 cups full of beer and as soon as I realized what they were for I knew I was going to be drunk by then end of the night.

Before the beer arrived, he pulled the table to the middle of the room and told me how to play. Apparently we needed a ping pong ball to play so he went to go search for one. The waiter came back in and placed the beer so that the beer cups formed a pyramid on my side of the table and a pyramid of beers on Zayn’s side. When Zayn came back he was happy I had set up for the game, even though I wasn’t the one that had did it. He quickly shuffled to his side and threw the ping pong ball into my drink, making the shot perfectly.

“so now I drink it?” I asked, still confused about the game.

He nodded his head. I shrugged while lifting the drink up to my mouth sipping it.

“no you have to gulp it down!” zayn jokingly told me.

I did as told and gulped the beer down as fast as I could, getting a little woozy. I quickly snapped back into reality and tossed the ball into Zayn’s drink, almost as good as Zayn’s toss.

“not bad,” he congratulated me, “for a girl.”

“just drink your drink pretty boy,” I said to him with a cheeky smile.

He winked at me while gulping it down almost as fast as me. The game continued like this, I would throw the ball and miss sometimes and so would Zayn. By the time we were down to only two drinks left, the room was spinning. Zayn threw the ball, barely getting it into the cup. I picked the glass up and tried to gulp it down but it was getting harder and harder from my first drink. Once I was done, my hand grasped the ping pong ball trying to focus on Zayn’s cup. I heard a snort come from Zayn and I looked up, giving him the eye.

“what?” I asked him, kind of wobbling around a bit.

“you’re so focused!” he told me, breaking out into nonstop laughter, causing me to do the same. We laughed harder and harder until we fell to the floor and rolled over looking at each other. His face was millimeters away from mine and even though his breath reeked of alcohol, I still felt the urge to kiss him. I felt his hot breath, blowing on my forehead, making me shiver. My eyes searched his perfect body, not realizing my hand moving forward to touch his abs. once my hand made contact with his body, Zayn realized what was going on and He grabbed my waist, sending electricity up my body. His hand shook, as he wiped away a single, piece of hair from my face. I saw his eyelids droop down as he inched closer to me…

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