Let Me Love You...

Darcy is just moving into LA and getting use to the city when she meets two mystery boys, who happen to be apart of the biggest boy band in thew world. But thats not even the best part... she might just fall for one of them.


7. The friend

Darcy’s POV

We finally arrived to apartment after this long, weird, adventurous day. I collapsed onto the couch and gave out a huge sigh.

“well that was fun,” I bitterly told Laci.

“ugh, don’t even get me started. We are definitely going to the beach tomorrow and I have the perfect swim suit its pink with….” she continued to babble on about her ‘perfect bathing suit’ as I let my eyelids droop down.

Before I knew it I was fast asleep, with not a care in the world.


A month had passed since I last saw Niall or Harry. I quickly found out about them being famous and once I told Laci she was not happy. All she would talk about was how she spent an entire day with them and didn’t get there number. Which wasn’t completely true, considering we didn’t even go into that fortune teller shop until like after lunch and that’s half of the day right there but I decided to let her have her pit party. As for me, I didn’t really know how I felt on the whole subject. Ya sure I was totally ecstatic that I spent time with the members of the most famous boy band in the world but that day still felt as though it was dream.

Anyways, Like I said it had been a month since that day and by then I had gotten pretty familiar with most of LA and got a job in that cute little ice cream shop I had spent an hour at during the storm. I quickly learned that the place was really busy and one of the most popular places in LA thanks to One Direction. Word got out about the day they had eaten here and now every teenage girl in LA wanted to see this place. Sure its silly but I got pretty good pay now that the place was made of money and I quickly discovered I had gotten a little bit famous since the paparazzi posted pictures of Laci and me with Niall & Harry. I cant tell u how many people came up to me to ask if we were dating or if I had there number or If I could hook them up. I mean seriously? If I had my there number I wouldn’t be working in a damn ice cream shop, just saying.

Anyways, I was working late one night and had to close shop. Once there were no more customers I quickly grabbed my purse and sprinted out the door. Like a good employee, I locked it and began walking home. I looked around to find people running all over the place, acting like maniacs. Man I loved this place. My feet began shuffling faster as I noticed a dark alley across the street. I could see a couple in the distance of it, making out, maybe even more. I quickly looked away.

I was almost home, passing a local club when I noticed how busy it was tonight. Curious, I decided to check it out, I mean somebody famous could be there right? My eyes searched around, seeing all the hot boys and whores of LA, and then I locked eyes with him. The boy from the ice cream shop. Niall. He smiled and waved at me mouthing hello. I stood there, staring at him like and idiot. Quickly, I pulled myself together and only managed to smile and wave back. After I replied, his attention quickly redirected to the fans around him. My smile faded as I began walking away but someone caught my attention. A girl, who looked about Laci’s age, with dirty blonde hair, like Laci, and looked absolutely beautiful from behind, stood next to Niall. His arm wasn’t around her but you could tell he was itching to place it around her waist. That smile grew back on my face. I remember Niall being a sweet guy so it made me happy that he had a girl in his life.

I had only walked a few steps when I heard a ripple of girls screams. I spun back around to find Harry had now joined Niall and his girl. My shoulders slumped as a frown grew on my face. I didn’t like Harry. I was probably the only girl in the world that wasn’t in love with Harry Edward Styles (not that I searched him up or anything). Our eyes locked and a grin grew on his face, just like Niall except Harry left the screaming girls and began walking towards me. Of course they did follow him but he quickly told them to give him a second to say hi to an old friend. Friend? I thought of us more as acquaintances…

“Hey Darc,” he greeted me holding out his arms, wanting me return the favor of him coming over here, I hesitated but did as told. I felt his arms wrap around me, forcing me to dig my head in his neck. He smelt good, not that I smelt him or anything.

“um… hi Harry,” I awkwardly greeted him back.

“didn’t think I would see you again,” he began, “but your friend is here so-”

“what?” I cut him off, not realizing I had a friend here. He gave me a confused look. “what do you mean I have a friend here?”

“oh um, that girl…what was here name????” he said trying to remember, “LACI! that’s it. she’s over there with Niall-”

“excuse me,” I said, pushing past him and running over to Niall, who was about to wrap his arm around that girl I had seen earlier but I quickly shoved it down and turned her around.

“what the hell-” she began then realized it was me, “Darcy?”

“hi Laci”

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