Let Me Love You...

Darcy is just moving into LA and getting use to the city when she meets two mystery boys, who happen to be apart of the biggest boy band in thew world. But thats not even the best part... she might just fall for one of them.


5. The Fortune

Harry’s POV

“you know, Darcy, we aren’t who you think,” I admitted finally figuring out we should tell her. I waited for a response but heard nothing.


“Darcy?” I asked turning around to find she had ran into a random shop near by.


Niall had followed her in without telling me. So I stood there babbling like an idiot in front of her? Great. I dashed in as well to find she was talking to the man in charge. She quickly nodded her head and sprinted out of the shop as if her life depended on it. I tried to catch up to her but I stopped dead In my tracks when I saw she fell. Luckily, Niall was the first to take action and dashed to her but before he could do anything she hopped to her feet and ran to a fortune teller shop. Why was she going there? I didn’t have much time to think about it because Niall sprinted after her so I had to follow.


I ran in, breathing hard, noticing nobody was around. I heard the door slam from behind me, making me flinch. The store was pitch black except for a very dim light in the corner. It intrigued me, as if I was in trance and I walked over there, hoping I’d find someone. This place gave me the creeps, why were we here?


“Niall? Darcy?” I whispered.


No reply. I heard feet shifting around behind me making my heart pound.


“who’s there,” I asked.


My question was met with heavy breathing. I could her whispers coming from every direction in the shop and the raindrops falling onto the roof. Very faint in the distance I saw two eyes facing mine.


“hello?” I asked, shakily.


“welcome to Canthan’s fortune teller shop. How may I assist you?” I heard an old women's voice call to me.


“um I’m looking for my friend. He might’ve come by you? He had short blonde hair and he might’ve had a girl with him. About this tall,” I explained using my hands, “and with brown long hair.”


She didn’t reply.


“hello? Did you hear me?” I asked once more.


“welcome to Canthan’s fortune teller shop,” she repeated, “would you like a fortune?”


I stood there completely confused and a bit frightened by the lady.


“no thank you-”


“come sit here,” the old women said coming out from the shadows directing me over to a chair by the fortune teller’s table.


I tried to resist but she just continued doing her ritual, grabbing my wrist, and wrapping her cold, boney fingers around it. She began chanting words in a different language, Russian maybe? Anyways it was freaking me out and I tried to pull my wrist to leave but her grasp was tight.


“you’re Harry Styles,” she suddenly told me.


“uh ya-”


“you are the world’s most eligible bachelor. You are rich, handsome, famous-”


“well I don’t like to brag but-”


“you have everything in the world except for someone to share it with,’ she pointed out making my heart get a little wobbly, “you want someone to miss you when you leave, something to come back to, something to think about, something to love.”


I sat there, hearing words that i had felt for so long, being read to me. It was like she was me in a way. I felt these things everyday but hadn’t shared them with anyone. Ever. But she knew. The lady I had just met five minutes ago knew. But how?


“your wait is over though,” she said in cheerful voice, ‘today is the turn of events that will make your perfect life into something worth living. Today you will meet the person that will make you into a changed man. Today you will find your soul mate.”


“but-” before I could ask her anything else she opened her eyes and grinned at me.


“thank you for visiting Cathan’s fortune teller shop. I hope you have a mystical day,” she thanked me while pushing me out the door.


She shut the door in my face leaving me in the rain with a thousands questions in my head and only one answer. The only person I had met today was…Darcy.

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