Let Me Love You...

Darcy is just moving into LA and getting use to the city when she meets two mystery boys, who happen to be apart of the biggest boy band in thew world. But thats not even the best part... she might just fall for one of them.


24. the dinner

Darcy’s POV

“Well? Aren’t you excited for the date?!” Laci bellowed in my ear.

I rigidly shook my head, feeling my neck grow tighter. “Of course,” I breathed.

By now we were in the taxi, zooming to Jason’s house. I felt my hand softly tapping my knee from my heart beating so fast. Why was I so nervous? I mean Jason was a great guy who was unbelievably hot and really interested in me, so why was I so nervous?

I didn’t have much time to think because the car came to an abrupt stop jerking me forward in my seat and almost hitting my head against the seat in front of me.

“Oh my god Darc, are you ok?” Laci yelped.

I nodded my head. “Ya, I didn’t realize that we stopped.”

The door beside me swiftly opened, having the cold breeze creep in on my bear arms and legs. I snapped my head up to see a 6 foot, brisk Italian with an extremely attractive five a clock shadow. He wore black pants that seemed to fit his legs perfectly and a white buttoned down covered by a black vest which was matching his pants. And to top it off he had his jacket resting over his shoulder so it gave him the look of classy but not too classy.

“Oh Darcy, you look beautiful,” the man complimented me.

I felt my cheeks flush. “Thank you Jason.”

The rest of the car ride was fine. Jason was the perfect gentlemen, keeping the conversation going while charming Laci, so she would like him but at the same time he made it sure that he was only interested in me. His arm rested over my shoulders as he traced circles around my bare shoulder, sending sparks up and down my arm. I mean this was absolutely perfect but I felt so out of place. Jason was wonderful and so kind and such a catch but I just didn’t want to be here…especially with him. Luckily, we finally arrived at the restaurant even though we were a bit late. Jason rushed out of the car opening the door for both laci and I. As soon as I stepped out of the car he wrapped his arm around my waist making sure everyone knew I was his. We busted through the doors instantly, spotting Niall and the rest of the boys. Laying right beside Niall, was harry. As soon as he saw I wasn’t alone the color drained from his face.

Harry’s POV

“Niall, calm down. Laci will love the new album,” Zayn reasoned with the little Irish boy.

 The lads and I were sitting in a restaurant, waiting for Laci and Darcy to arrive. The conversation between us seemed to be interesting but I didn’t pay attention. For some reason I couldn’t wait to see Darcy. I wanted to know what she thought of London. How was she settling in? Did she want me to show her around?  all these questions swam in my head even though I had just seen her yesterday. I felt like a little boy waiting for Christmas. I had gone back into reality when I felt a tap on my shoulder, making my head snap up seeing all the boys looking at the door. I followed there glances to see Laci, Darcy, and a guy…with his hand around Darcy.


Darcy’s POV

We scurried to the table, having each boy greet me warmly expect harry. He didn’t even look at me, just glanced away. I tried to push my feelings aside and sat down having Louis on my right whilst Jason laid on my left. As soon as I looked up I saw harry staring straight at me. He had a peculiar look on his face, which staid the entire dinner. He sat straight across from me, not saying a single word. In fact, the whole table was having such an intimate conversation that no one noticed Harry and me awkwardly stealing glances of each other.

“What can I get for you, mam?” a voice shouted at me.

My head snapped up seeing the waiter smiling down at me. “Oh um….the house salad please.”

I handed her my menu, while placing a strand of hair behind my ear.

“So Darcy how are you liking London so far?” Niall asked me, finally noticing I wasn’t taking part of their conversation.

“Oh it’s…nice,” I muttered while taking a sip of my water.

Laci giggled to herself. “oh come one Darc, I know you love it. Go ahead and tell them about it!”

I shot her a look. “Well it’s definitely cold.”

Almost like it was on cue everyone laughed, except harry.

“haha ya,” I continued, “and there’s a super cool town over in the suburbs of London, that is just perfect.”

I felt Jason’s body tense. “Oh ya. Is that where you were coming from when I saw you and Laci on the bus today?”

I shook my head stealing a glance at harry.

Harry’s POV

“Oh ya. Is that where you were coming from when I saw you and Laci on the bus today?” Darcy’s guy friend asked, as if he had no idea but I knew.

 I knew he was just eating this up. He loved the fact that Darcy was all his and that he could flaunt her around like a little toy. And I didn’t even care. I didn’t. Not the least bit because Darcy and I are just friends. And that’s it.

Who am I kidding? I thought she liked me. And I was beginning to like her too but….then comes this guy and well…what am I suppose to do?

“Hey Harry you ok over there? You haven’t said a word all night,” Zayn joked, whilst playfully punching my arm.

My head snapped over to Darcy. “Oh ya. I’m perfectly fine,” I scoffed, “so Darcy how did you and-“

Oops. What was his name again?

“Jason.” The guy muttered to me, knowing I forgot his name.

“Thanks. So how did you and Jason meet?”

She pursued her lips, moving awkwardly in her chair. I knew I had just made the whole conversation unbelievably awkward but I wanted to know. This guy literally came out of nowhere and now he and Darcy were dating. I was not ok with that.

Darcy POV

“Thanks. So how did you and Jason meet?” Harry spat at me, knowing full well that the whole conversation had just become awkward.

I pursued my lips shifting around in my chair. “Oh um…on the bus today…”

He bit his lip trying to put the pieces together. I knew he was really over thinking this and I wished he would drop it but he didn’t.

“So what happened? You just saw him on the bus and thought, ‘oh hey! I should go flirt with that random guy and hope it works out!’” he sarcastically scoffed at me.

“Hey you need to calm down.” Jason firmly said to Harry.

Harry’s head instantly snapped at him. “Well sorry I’m just trying to figure out what happened, mate!”

I could feel the tension in the air growing and decided I should say something fast. “So let’s discuss something else…”

“Oh no! I need to learn how little Romeo over there asked you out,” harry bellowed, referring to Jason as the little Romeo.

Oh shit.

“What did you call me?” Jason gritted in between his teeth.

Harry grew a cheeky little grin. “Oh I think you know, little Romeo.”

“Look kid. Just because you’re upset about this doesn’t mean you have to make an as of yourself in front of the ladies. So just back off and let my girl and I enjoy our meal, ok?!” Jason blared at harry.

Harry gritted his teeth jumping up from the table and storming away leaving all of us with baffled looks on our faces. Without even thinking twice I ran after him, not wanting him to go.

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