Let Me Love You...

Darcy is just moving into LA and getting use to the city when she meets two mystery boys, who happen to be apart of the biggest boy band in thew world. But thats not even the best part... she might just fall for one of them.


21. that night...

Darcy’s POV

I woke with a startle, seeing flashes out of the corner of my eye. My head slowly turned to the window that laid beside me. A huge flash of lightening shot across the window, causing a ripple of thunder to erupt, shaking the hotel room. I began to shiver from the storm, having fear wash through my body. I loved storms but only during the day. At night was when scary things happened and having a storm just wasn’t gonna help you out too much. I slowly grasped the blanket pulling it off, to reveal my legs. They quickly brought me up and I scurried over to the first room I could find. I knew I wouldn’t be able to survive this storm alone.

My head slowly popped in to find Liam strolled across his bed, snoring very lightly. He seemed to be deep in sleep and probably no chance of waking up anytime soon. I hesitated on calling his name and figured I would find someone else so he could continue to dream. Softly shutting the door I made my way to another one. Before opening the door I looked down to see light coming from inside. Yes! a person was awake. About to walk in I quickly remembered whose room this was. Niall’s…. Laci would be in there. I backed away slowly hoping they wouldn’t notice any sign of me. Continuing to back up, I felt something hard come in contact with my back and I swiftly spun around to find yet another door. I racked my brain trying to remember whose room this was but couldn’t bring myself to remember. Shrugging it off, my hands crept up to the knob and slowly turned it, causing the door to open. I stumbled in to find total darkness. I couldn’t see anything or anyone in the room, just black nothingness. Figuring this was an extra room I turned around to leave but heard sheets from a bed being thrown to the ground.

“Darcy?” a husky accent called to me.

Turning back around, my eyes searched in front of me to find the last person I was suppose to talk to. “Harry?”

He brought his hands to his eyes, rubbing them. “what the hell are you doing?”

I felt my face get hotter. “...erm…the…storm...” I stuttered, being lost for words.

“What about the storm?”

I shifted my weight uncomfortably. “…it’s scary…”

“Um…I’m sorry?” Harry muttered not sure how to react to my cowardness.

I took a breath in. “would you mind if I stayed in here till the storms over?” I blurted out.

The room fell silent causing my breathing to hitch. I heard him sigh, leaning up from the bed. He squinted from the light shining through the door way. “You mind closing the door if you’re gonna stay?”

I hesitated before doing so, knowing that Laci would kill me if she knew I was staying in a room with harry…alone…in the dark. I finally brought myself up to do it and pressed the door close having the room fill with darkness yet again. I stood there for awhile not sure what to do or if harry was even still awake but the sound of rustling through the sheets gave me the impression he was.

“You know you don’t have to just stand there right?” I heard harry grumble getting up from the bed.

“Oh um…I didn’t know where to sleep…”

I felt a hand grab mine pulling me in another direction, I figured it was harrys.

“You can sleep in my bed. I’ll take the floor.”

His hand left mine giving me the impression I was near the bed. Trusting my instincts, I bent down to feel the bed replace the space of air that once surrounded me. I snuggled into the bed, lifting the sheets over my body, feeling instant warmth. The sheets had already been warm when I got in, giving the impression harry had been sleeping for some time. My butt dug into the mattress, repositioning myself so my nose was inches from the pillow. Suddenly a scent erupted from the pillow, filling my nose with its scent. I shuttered. I knew this was harrys smell and it made me melt. My biggest turn on was the smell of a guy, if he had good cologne or natural smell to him then I would have my tongue in his mouth by the end of the night, just saying. Let’s just say that was a HUGE turn on for me. Resisting all my urges for harry, I swiftly pulled my nose away so that my eyes faced the ceiling.

“Ugh,” I heard harry moan.

My head instantly turned towards him. “What?”


“No seriously what?”

I heard harry shift around on the floor. “I can’t sleep.”

I giggled to myself. “It’s ok I can’t either.”

“I’m just not use to sleeping on the floor that’s all.”

Grief washed over me. “Oh…sorry…I can sleep on the floor…”

“No! That’s not what I meant! I mean…erm...The floor... it’s just really hard…”

Well that just made it worse, styles.

“I can go…I didn’t mean to intrude…” I muttered getting up from the bed.

I quickly felt a warm hand wrap around my arm pulling me back to the bed. “No Darcy. Stay.”

How could I say no?

“erm…if it’s ok...”

“Yes I want you to stay” harry whispered.

Well now I REALLY felt bad about taking his bed. I mean he was being a really good gentleman about it and I just stumbled on in saying I was afraid of a storm and took his bed! I think we all know who the bad guy in this situation is…

“Hey harry?” I tried to say but came out in a whisper.


“If you want, you can sleep in the bed with me…”

For a minute there was awkward silence…why did I just say that?

“Um…I don’t know-“

“I’ve slept in the same bed with a guy before, Harry. I use to bunk with boys all the time in the summer when I went places.”

Oh great now I sounded like a slut. Good one Darcy.

“If it’s ok with you...”

“I’m fine with it”

Next thing I knew harry lifted himself off the ground and slipped in between the covers so that we were centimeters away from each other. I felt a drift of warm soft air pass over my body, giving me the impression our body heat were intertwining with each other. My body began to tense up being so close to harry, I mean you usually weren’t close to guys unless you were dating or about to…well you know. From beside me I heard chuckling, causing my head to snap in that direction.

“What’s so funny?” I asked harry.

He shifted around so that our noses touched. Awkward. “I can feel your body tensing up,” he whispered, blowing his hot breath on my face. GOD! Was he trying to turn me on?!

“….oh…sorry…” I muttered, scooting away from him so that our noses weren’t touching anymore.

“It’s ok. A lot of girls are nervous around me.”

My eyebrows quickly rose up. “What do you mean by that?”

“I don’t know. People just don’t feel comfortable around me now that I’m famous or something,” Harry admitted pulling his body away from me so that he was now staring at the ceiling.

I felt my body loosen. “Well that’s stupid…”


The room filled with awkward silence, causing me to stare at harry once again. I found myself doing this a lot lately. He did think he was hot stuff and loved to show it but I found there was another side to him. Something the paparazzi didn’t see and for a split second he let me see it. It gave me hope that maybe there was another harry styles… maybe even a better one.

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