Let Me Love You...

Darcy is just moving into LA and getting use to the city when she meets two mystery boys, who happen to be apart of the biggest boy band in thew world. But thats not even the best part... she might just fall for one of them.


18. shopping!

Darcy’s POV

We all crammed into one taxi forcing Laci to sit on Niall’s lap and for me to sit on Louis’. Half way there he asked to switch so he could see better but I was quick to deny. I glanced out the window noticing how many tourists were out today, great… I began to wonder if this would be a good idea but Laci pulled me into the conversation.

“So we should all split into groups of two or more,” she offered, “that way it’s not as noticeable that you guys are One Direction.”

Niall quickly wrapped his arms around her, pressing his cheeks to her back. “I CALL LACI!”

Awww <3

“I CALL LIAM!” Louis screamed, mimicking Niall. We all chuckled from this, causing Niall’s face to grow red.

Laci quickly gave me a look. “Harry and Darcy can be a group and they’ll be with us while Zayn’s with Liam and Louis.”

Everybody nodded their heads, agreeing to the groups. I glanced at Harry to find he hadn’t even been paying attention. His eyes were plastered on a girl walking by… oh….

The taxi dropped us off at a park near the shops and we all planned to meet back here at 3:00 because they had an interview at 3:30 and needed to get out of there ‘disguises.’ As soon as my foot hit the pavement, Laci grabbed my wrist pulling me off to the nearest store with Niall by her side and Harry left in the dust.

She bursted through the doors, instantly going to look at the necklaces and  pulling Niall over with her. As for me, my attention redirected to a cute dress a little farther away. It was light pink with Lace drizzled around it and a single pearl in the middle of the neckline. This seemed liked something Laci would absolutely adore so I lifted it up to show her but when I had turned she was gone. Quickly putting the dress away, I rushed out the door searching for her but she was out of sight. I felt my pocket buzz and answered it to see it was a text from Laci saying, “Have fun(;” what was that suppose to mean?

Had she ditched me?? And Niall had gone along with this??? Shit. This was her plan all along. To ditch me and Harry alone so we would have the whole afternoon together but the joke was on her because Harry isn’t with me. I don’t even know where-

“Hey Darcy”

I spun around to see Harry, standing straight in front of me. Ah crap…

“Oh hi. Have you seen Niall or Laci?” I asked, getting right to the point.

He shook his head. “I thought they were with you.”

“No. They must’ve ditched us.”

I glanced at the ground burying my hands into my pockets, not knowing what else to say. I suddenly heard him giggle to himself.

“What?” I questioned him.

He shrugged his shoulders. “I just think it’s funny that they would do that. That’s all.”

I gave him a smile, quickly glancing at the ground again. “ya I guess…”

He began walking away, towards the shops not really caring that we had been ditched. I quickly caught up with him, tapping him on the shoulder.

“Where are you going? Don’t you want to try to find them?”

“If they left us then why would we try and find them? Let’s just hang out together.”

He grabbed my wrist sprinting off into a nearby store. I glanced around not very pleased with the place but Harry seemed to be in Heaven. His eyes were fixed on a royal blue blazer and quickly grabbed his size, trying it on. He pulled me with him over to the dressing rooms so I could tell him what I thought of it and let me just say… I really liked it.

 Buying the blazer, we made our way to another shop. This one sold perfume and other bath needs a girl could want. This was my favorite thing to buy. I darted over to the perfumes, testing them out to see if I wanted them or not. One of the perfumes had an odd smell and I turned to ask Harry about it but I was too overwhelmed with how he looked. You could tell he was as lost in this place as he would be in a maze. I figured he had no idea what this place sold, never the less why someone would buy things from here. A smile grew on my face as I walked over to him, grabbing his arm to try out perfumes. I sprayed my favorite on my wrist and held it up to his nose for him to smell. At first he denied to do it but I was a good persuader. A grin spread across his face as he informed me that the smell was delightful. I agreed with him as we tried numerous others finally picking out three that I liked.

 I quickly bought them and left to make our way to the next store, having Harry spot a baby boutique and beg me to go in with him. I denied at first, saying people would think I was a teen mom even though I was eighteen. He chuckled, dragging me into the store. I finally gave in to his peer pressure and we explored the little baby wonderland. Dissecting every piece of clothing, he would make numerous cheeky remarks causing me to giggle. We were about to leave when a lady recognized Harry, causing grow ecstatic begging him to take a picture with her child. He happily agreed while giving me an apologetic look. I quickly scrunched my eyebrows together, pretending to be angry at him. He chuckled redirecting his attention to the infant now laying in his arms. I let out a soft sigh, whispering “awww.” The little child was smaller than Harry’s forearm, and was restfully asleep in his arms. I glanced at Harry who was just as amazed by the little angel as I was. His lips were slightly curved in a smile as he stared down at the baby. I guessed it was girl from her clothes being bubblegum pink. The camera quickly flashed, photographing this moment forever. The mother scurried back over to Harry, kissing him on the cheek and taking her child back. We said goodbye, having her thank us again and again while walking out the doors. I stared at the ground; somewhat attracted to Harry admiring the little girl. He seemed like he would really like a baby to call his own. Maybe not yet but one day…

I snapped my head up, looking at Harry. “So do you usually take pictures with babies?”

He was quick to laugh “no, not usually. I think that was my first time.”

“Well you’re good with children,” I complimented him, shivering from a gentle breeze blowing by. I hadn’t noticed how cold it was getting. I quickly glanced at my watch realizing it was already 2:30.

“We should head back,” I offered. Harry nodded his head, agreeing with me.

For awhile we walked in silence. I don’t know if he thought it but I sure felt awkward tension between us. I desperately wanted to say something but nothing came to mind. Luckily I didn’t have to…

“So about England..” harry began.

“Ugh not that again...”

He looked over at me. “What?”

“I feel like all I’ve heard for the past 24 hours is England this or England that,” I replied, “I don’t want to talk about it anymore.”

I heard him sigh. Did he really just sigh? Was he disappointed? No of course not. He was just tired. That’s it.

“ I was just thinking… Laci would really like it if you came,” he continued talking about it, despite my warning.

A breeze passed us again, this time it was much stronger. I felt it press against my naked arms causing goose bumps to form. I shivered, staring at the sky, watching the grey clouds swirl around signaling rain was coming. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Harry shifting around. I glanced over at him to find he had taken off my varsity jacket and was placing it over my shoulders. I quickly pushed it away.

“I’m ok,” I reassured him.

A smile grew across his face. “No, you aren’t”

He put the jacket back over me, not allowing me to push it away again.

“Thanks,” I mumbled kind of embarrassed.

He nodded his head, not saying anything. I quickly saw the park where everyone had already met. We were across the street from it and I was ready to sprint over there but then Harry stopped me.

“Before you make your decision about England just remember this. You can always move back to LA but how many times do you get the chance to move to another country and hang out with someone…famous?”

This made me think. I could tell it felt weird for him to call himself famous but he did have a good point. I glanced over at him to reply but he had already sprinted across the street towards the park.

“Harry wait!!” I yelled after him, following him across the street. When I finally made it to the park everyone was there, including Harry. I decided I wasn’t going to question him about his remark and made my way to Laci, who was wrapped in Niall’s arms.

“Thanks for ditching me,” I sarcastically spat at her.

A grin grew on her face. “How was it? Anything happen between you guys?”

I shook my head, shocked she would think anything would spark between us. “It was ok… and NO nothing happened Laci.”

Her mouth dropped. “I set you up, alone with Harry styles for an entire afternoon and it was just ok?”

I giggled. “Alright it was fine.”

She shook her head, disappointed in me. “And you wonder why you’re single…”

This made Niall giggle to himself. “You know we are just like the guys you would go to college with,” he informed us.

Both Laci and I looked at him. “What college do you guys go to because you look nothing like the guys I see,” I replied a little too cheeky.

He chuckled, shaking his head. Laci glanced at her watch and nearly peed her pants. “OH MY GOD! It’s already 3:00! You guys need to get going!”

Niall kissed Laci good bye and patted me on the shoulder while walking over to his friends telling them time to go. I felt something wrap around my arm pulling me to the streets. I looked over to see Laci flagging down a taxi for us.

“Aren’t we going with them?” I asked, confused.

She quickly shook her head. “They’ve got an interview to go to and you have the rest of the afternoon to tell me all about your evening with Harry styles.”

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