Let Me Love You...

Darcy is just moving into LA and getting use to the city when she meets two mystery boys, who happen to be apart of the biggest boy band in thew world. But thats not even the best part... she might just fall for one of them.


26. saved.


It was perfect. Although half of my body must have been drained of life and I couldn’t feel any part of me other than the edges of where Harry’s arms were, I was in absolute bliss. I wanted so desperately to talk to him though. To say how grateful I was for him, to share my feelings about him, I would be happy just to talk to him really, but I couldn’t move. It was a miracle that my lungs were still gasping in air.

Actually how was I still alive? The weather had to be under 30 degrees and wasn’t there snow around me? I know I had fallen into it a couple of times so that should’ve drained my body heat and the fact that it felt as though I was naked wasn’t a good sign. So how was I saved?

I felt metal doors brace itself to my skin for only a mere second and suddenly the temperature rose to a very heated one. Gasps were exchanged all around and I heard feet shuffling closer to me. Had we gone somewhere?

“Oh my god! Is she ok?” a feminine startled voice inquired.

“We just need a room, please,” Harry begged.

There was another warmth touch on my arm but it fell back almost instantly.

“Do you have any preferences?” the shaken voice asked.

Harry shifted me in his arms. “A warm one.”

More footsteps blew around me, as harry began moving again. I desperately wanted to open my eyes and realize where we were but I had to use my common knowledge and figure it out for myself. My hearing heightened as I focused on inquiring where we were.

“Do you want me to call 911?” the female voice wondered.

She sounded older than most people, maybe even wiser. The strain in her voice made it obvious she was worried about something and I figured that it was most likely me, since I hadn’t shown any sign of being alive since harry saved me.

Than it hit me. Did harry think I was dead? No, he must’ve had hope, besides I couldn’t have looked too ill, right?

“I will later. Right now I need to warm her up,” Harry replied.

The old women cleared her throat. “Young man, she doesn’t look too good. I wouldn’t waste any time getting her medical help.”

“Don’t worry love, I know what I’m doing,” Harry persisted.

The conversation was ended by metal doors slamming together with an enormous ‘DING’  and I figured we were now in an elevator. Harry’s grip loosened around me after the gravitational pull brought us up with the elevator and once again the doors dinged. Harry moved faster this time, scrambling to get to wherever he desired to go in a hurry. I felt cool air brush against me and I was flopping in his arms like a dead fish. Was he running? I wondered where he would desire to be so bad that he would practically sprint to get there.

Abruptly we came to a stop and I felt his chest grow big and small from exhaustion.

“Darcy?” Harry whispered, “are you ok?”

A lump formed in my throat. Harry, you have no idea how much I want to tell you how ok I am. I want to wrap my arms around your built chest and crawl my hand into your curly locks. I want to murmur thank you in between kissing you and grow warm in your arms. I want to stay with you, forever.

Sadly, I can’t.

“I’m so sorry Darcy. I did this to you. If I just would’ve explained myself to you instead of running away like a coward, you wouldn’t be like this. I would be able to see your cheeks turn bright red again or hear you laugh at the silliest things and feel your heart pound from your chest. I’m so sorry,” Harry murmured, whilst walking somewhere.

His arms left me as my body flopped to another feeling. It was itchy, and raggedy and I hated it. I wanted to be in Harry’s arms, again. Not on whatever this was.

I heard a heater turn on with an over exaggerated sigh and finally I was regaining feeling in my body from the swoops of thermal air.

But the best part was Harry’s arms coming back to me. His muscular hand tucked into a ball under my stomach and his biceps flexing around my waist, was all I could ask for. I could feel his body pressed against mine on the uncomfortable thing he had placed me on and figured it was a couch. His chin forced into my shoulder and gently he kissed my neck, whispering sorry over and over again. His arms tightened around my entire body forcing me to be as close as possible to him as his curls fell to my cheek.

Before falling to sleep I gathered enough energy to force myself to speak one word. Just to let harry know that I was ok.

“Harry,” I sighed, allowing the black murkiness overtake my body and I blew to sleep.

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