Let Me Love You...

Darcy is just moving into LA and getting use to the city when she meets two mystery boys, who happen to be apart of the biggest boy band in thew world. But thats not even the best part... she might just fall for one of them.


27. pleasure

"Darcy?” a voice whispered, blowing its breath against my neck.

I shifted my weight around, moaning. I was so tired and just wanted to sleep. Whoever was trying to wake me up, needed to calm themself and allow me my rest.

“This is ridiculous. Just shake her till she wakes up,” a familiar voice hissed.

My eyes shot open. “Laci?”

There she was, my best friends having shock slapped on her face like a complete idiot. She was covered head to toe, with a jacket hung over her sweater and earmuffs pulling back her hair whilst wearing jeans with Ugg boots. I wondered why she was so covered up.

“OH MY GOD, DARCY! You’re alive! I was so scared for you, harry told me you weren’t moving and just said like one word before falling asleep and you haven’t moved since like now! I was already balling like an idiot thinking you were-“

Harry covered her mouth with his finger. “Maybe we shouldn’t overwhelm her.”

I shifted myself to look at Harry. He had bags under his perfect bright green orbs and his smile looked forced or maybe even exhausted. His hair was an absolute mess, half straight and half curled with little baby hairs hugging his forehead. He leaned in close to me, pressing his forehead against mine and I realized his arms were swaddling me like I was his most prized possession.

“What’s going on?” I croaked, pulling my head away from his.

Laci sighed. “You looked really bad, Darc. Your skin was ice cold and paler than a vampire’s.”

“I thought you were dying in my arms,” Harry added.

“But luckily, curly over there was smart enough to call me after he snatched a room for you two and I knew exactly what to do,” Laci explained, “ it was around two in the morning when he called and I was waiting for you at Living Streets, where I thought you were going to meet me but apparently you were going the OPPOSITE way!”

I felt my cheeks grow hot.

“Anyways, I rushed over to this motel and saw how bad a shape you were in. I mean you really scared us,” Laci went on, “I would’ve thought we lost you if harry hadn’t told me you whispered his name. I almost thought he made that up, just to convince himself  he could have some hope for you but after I placed you closer to the fire, turned the heater on high, gave you a thousand blankets, had harry warm you with his body heat, and gave you some water, your cheeks started to turn pink again and I knew you were still in there.”

Harry’s grip tightened around me.

“How long was I out then?” I murmured, feeling drowsiness come back to me.

“Just a day.”

“A day?! An entire 24 hours I was passed out?!”

“Darc, you’re ok. I got a nurse to come check you out and she said that you were going to be ok but you can’t go back outside anytime soon since its so damn cold.”

I let my head fall back onto Harry’s chest. “so what am I going to do while I recover?”

Laci let a grin dance across her lips. “oh I think harry can help you with that one but as for me I have to get back to Niall. No one knows where the famous Harry Styles is and paparazzi are literally everywhere.”

Her attention redirected to Harry.

“the boys still don’t know where you are and they’re beginning to believe the paparazzi about you leaving London to clear your head about ‘girl problems.’ I’m trying to get them to believe something else but there’s some pretty good evidence out there,” Laci spat, “but I think I’ve got Niall and Liam on my side. Louis knows you too well, to believe anything I say so you’re gonna have to call him or something.”

Harry nodded his head, moving his hand to the pit of my stomach, tickling me a little.

Laci noticed. “OK! So I’ll leave you two to yourselves and get back to my boyfriend. Love ya, Darc. I’ll be back tomorrow.”

And with that she was out the door, leaving a thousand questions in my head.

“well that was helpful,” I sarcastically moaned, throwing myself to the floor to sleep.

Harry moved closer to me, removing any space between us as his hand went to my cheeks, cupping them. One hand left my face as he tucked my bangs behind my ear and he gently kissed my forehead.

I was in shock and it felt as though my body couldn’t function again.

Both of his hands left my face as the free one crept to the bottom of my back, forcing me even closer to his body and his other tangled into my hair. My heart began to pump as his lips went to my cheek, continuing to move his arms all around my body, feeling every curve I had. He swiftly pinned me to the floor having his eyes curiously peer at me.

“Darcy,” he groaned, letting his hot air leave prickles against my nose.

I couldn’t force myself to reply to him, from having absolute shock freeze my body so instead i nodded my head, letting him know heard him.

But he didn’t reply. Instead his balled fist pushed into my back, lifting me off the floor and onto him. I forced my body to move but still couldn’t fully comprehend what was going on. It was happening too fast.

His fist untangled as he began to trace circles under my clothing, and I let a tiny moan escape my lips. That froze harry right in his tracks, pulling his body fiercely away from mine.

“Darcy I cant-“ he stuttered.

I creased my eyebrows continuing to look worriedly at him. “wha-“

“I REALLY want to, trust me, but I can’t.”

Again my body froze, first from having Harry throw himself at me than from him rejecting me.

His hand reached out, cupping my face again. “I just want to know one thing.”

I nodded.

“do you feel the same way?”

“what do you mean?” I whispered.

“ever since I met you at the ice cream shop, I’ve felt something for you. At first I thought it was just for your looks but I quickly found there was so much more about you that intrigued me.”

I forced a tight smile. “harry-“

“and I didn’t know what these feelings were until I met Jason, who was practically throwing himself at you, releasing all these feelings I had locked away and I felt envy of him. I was jealous you were his and not mine.”

The words stopped flowing from his mouth as he realized what he had just said and he peered at me, eagerly awaiting my response.

I roughly threw my arm to his shirt, tugging it towards me and he understood what I meant. His arms hauled me back to his body, clutching my waist to his and my arms clasped around his neck, jerking his hair into my fist. His hand trailed along my body, sneaking up my back and under my clothing, as he left kisses on my neck. My arm moved from his neck and made its way to his back, clinging the end of his shirt and in between his kisses he groaned. I fiercely kissed behind his ear working up my courage to kiss his lips but after I made it to his cheek he squeezed me tight enough until I couldn’t move.


“shh Darcy.”

I continued to squirm until his hand escaped from under my shirt and grasped my waist, leaving me breathless.

“Darc, this isn’t the time or place,” he whispered, kissing my forehead once more before repositioning me so that I was closer to the fire.


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