Let Me Love You...

Darcy is just moving into LA and getting use to the city when she meets two mystery boys, who happen to be apart of the biggest boy band in thew world. But thats not even the best part... she might just fall for one of them.


22. next morning

Harry’s POV

A stream of sunlight poured through a crack in the blinds. It instantly woke me up, causing my eyes to flutter open. As soon as I did, I felt my heart drop. Seeing the hotel room and not my normal room usually had the effect on me. Shifting around in the covers I found that I wasn’t alone. I felt pressure beside me but whatever was in my bed, was buried under the covers, fast asleep. Being careful not to wake it up, my hand slowly crept to the silk sheet, quickly grasping it and lifting up to find Darcy. What. WHAT. W.H.A.T.

WHAT WAS DARCY DOING IN MY BED?! Did anything happen? Oh shit what did I do? Suddenly last night began to replay in my mind and the image of Darcy asking to sleep in my room came back to me. Thank god. If something happened between us then… I couldn’t even imagine how bad that would be.

Taking a deep breath in I let my body loosen once again and began to go back asleep but Darcy started to shift around next to me. At first her foot brushed against mine causing my face to grow red but then she scooted closer to me so that there was absolutely no space in between us. If this hadn’t been unbelievably awkward then I might’ve enjoyed it a little but I couldn’t help but think I was taking advantage of the poor girl. My breathing hitched as her arm wrapped around my chest, gripping my shirt and sending chills through my body. I prayed she wouldn’t wake up so that the awkwardness wouldn’t get any worse than it already was but sadly it did. Very slowly her head crept up to the center of my chest as she took a deep breath in and let all the weight press against me. I couldn’t help but let my arm droop to her waist, grasping her petite body. For a brief moment I let myself enjoy this. I’m not going to lie, I hadn’t been in a relationship for ages it seemed and having this beautiful girl snuggle up to me…well…it felt nice. It made me miss having someone and for that short little morning I let myself enjoy this. My eyes fluttered shut letting my body go to sleep with Darcy still attached to me.

Darcy’s POV

I took a breath in, having a faint scent of cologne fill my nose. That’s odd. Why was there cologne here? My eyes peeled open to see white. Just white and nothing else. What? I lifted my head to see a man’s chest. ummm. I searched around to find it was Harry’s chest my head had been resting upon. Oh gosh that’s bad. Nothing happened between us last night, right? I can’t remember anything! Why not? I didn’t drink right? I mean it was just a chill night or it was suppose to be, I think. My eyes searched for a clock and spotted one on the other side of the room. Narrowing my eyesight, I found it read 4:30. Jeez that early? Before I had anymore time to evaluate my situation the door flung open.


I quickly swept myself off harry and pulled the sheets close to my body, staring at the doorway. In front of me stood Louis. I tried to say something but nothing came out. I knew exactly what this looked like and well…how the hell could I explain myself if I didn’t even remember what happened? Luckily I didn’t have to because Harry had finally decided to wake up.

“What the?” he grumbled, rubbing his eyes.

Louis folded his arms, having a cheeky grin grow on his face. “erm… did I interrupt something?”

“No!” I screamed a little too fast.

Louis’ eyebrows rose up. “Ok…”

He began to wonder away but I quickly got out of bed grabbing his wrist. “Louis don’t tell anyone ok?”

Confusion washed over his face. “Don’t tell anyone what?”

I quickly gave him a look. “Well whatever you think happened. Didn’t ok? So please don't go around saying it did.”

He grinned at me. “You have to understand this is the second time I’ve interrupted you and harry doing things, Darcy. Whatever happens between you two is none of my business,” he explained walking away once again, “just make sure you kids use protection!”

I felt my face in flame with embarrassment. Slowly bringing myself to turn around, my eyes lifted up to see harry with his arm gently place over his back gripping his neck whilst he bit his lip. Oh god. I tried to not act like that turned me on but oh lord save me. Bringing my arms to my chest I scurried back into the room softly shutting the door.

“Um we didn’t do anything last night right?” I whispered, slightly embarrassed.

He chuckled to himself. “Of course not. Don’t you remember last night all?”

I racked my brains having the memory of the storm and harry giving me his bed, slowly flood back into my mind. Now I remembered. Man I felt like an idiot. He must’ve seen my face and realized what had happened and got up from the bed going to his closet.

“What are you doing? It’s like 4:30,” I asked.

He softly shut his closet door so I couldn’t see him undress. “Our flight leaves at 6:30! Better get changed!” he screamed back at me.

I shrugged my shoulders, sneaking out of his bedroom so no one would see me and went back to the couch to find that everybody was already awake. Laci saw me sneak into the kitchen and instantly darted towards me.

“Um where have you been young lady?”

I felt my body tense. “Bathroom.”

She gave me a sly look but quickly shrugged it off. “Are you ready to leave soon?”

I nodded my head watching her get up from the couch and make her way to kitchen. The rest of the morning was a blur. The boys helped Laci and me get to the airport in timely manner and we checked in having to stop for a few fans along the way. To my surprise they wanted pictures with Laci as well. I thought it was sweet. After that we stopped for breakfast or we mostly just stopped because Niall was starving and couldn’t wait before we ate on the plane. Once we were done we made our way to the plane and hopped inside splitting ourselves up amongst the seats. Apparently One Direction didn’t ride public planes due to “security purposes” I don’t really know to be honest but I mean I’m not complaining. I got to ride in a private jet to London. How many of you can say that? Time finally seemed to slow down in the plane when Harry came to sit next to me. I had been listening to music when I felt a soft tap on my shoulder causing me to whip around. He smiled at me slowly bringing himself to sit in the empty chair beside me. Making conversation he asked what I was listening to. I quickly replied, giving him an earplug to listen with me. He happily took it as we continued to talk for a little while longer. Before I knew it the conversation had stopped and we both were engaged in the music not aware to any of our surroundings. I let the strong bass rock my body, as my foot tapped to the beat. I was almost to involved in the music to notice Harry’s hand brush against mine. I tried to act like nothing had happened but having the song ‘Love like Crazy’ by Lee Brice began to play caused the situation to ease with awkwardness. This was a perfect love song and it was country which made it all the more amazing. I didn’t know if Harry was a fan of country but I loved it. Beside me, I saw Harry shake his head. Not like he was disappointed but like he was enjoying the music.

“You a fan of country?” I asked him.

“Not particularly but this song has a good meaning to it.”

I left it at that. The song soon ended and the next one played but I still replayed the Lee Brice lyrics in my head thinking how perfect it would be to have a relationship with a man like that but I knew that was fiction. No guy was that dedicated to a girl. Love was a fairy tale.

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