Let Me Love You...

Darcy is just moving into LA and getting use to the city when she meets two mystery boys, who happen to be apart of the biggest boy band in thew world. But thats not even the best part... she might just fall for one of them.


17. makeover time

Darcy’s Pov

The movie soon ended leaving us with thousands of questions about the twisted ending but soon afterwards we found ourselves with nothing to do. The room was silent, with everyone stealing glances at each other. Finally Laci broke the silence.

“well you guys could help us pack,” she said with a cheerful grin but then remembered I wasn’t going, “or just help me pack…”

I felt all the eyes in the room slowly move towards me as I sat there, with my knees pressed against my chest and a straight face on. I tried not to look like that had bugged me but it did.

“how about we go downtown?” I offered, trying to change the subject.

The boys quickly exchanged looks at each other.

“um I don’t think that’s a good idea,” Zayn replied, with a ‘sorry’ look plastered all over his face.

“we don’t usually go shopping in the public anymore,” Niall informed me, “we might get mugged.”

This gave me an idea.

“well who said you had to go shopping as One direction?” I hinted, having a stupid grin grow on my face. They all gave me confused looks, not getting my idea. I gave Laci a look and she quickly realized what I was thinking.

“oh. Ok I gotcha,” Laci said, finally understanding, “I’ll take Niall-”

“of course,” I heard Louis whisper a little too loudly in Liam’s ear. Laci quickly shot him a look.

“and Zayn and Harry,” Laci said finishing her sentence.

“I’ll get Louis and Liam,” I informed everyone excited for my plan.

“um what exactly are you ‘getting’ us for?” Liam asked me, a bit confused.

“you’ll see.”

I grabbed both Liam and Louis hands causing them to jump, I guess they hadn’t held hands with any other girl but there girlfriends for a long time. Pulling them upstairs, I dragged them in the bathroom, instructing them to sit on the counter. They did as told and sat with both of there eyes plastered on me waiting for my next move. I squatted down and began looking in the cabinets for some of my old makeup. Spotting it, my hands quickly grasped the bag and pulled it up, placing all the makeup everywhere.

“are you giving us a makeover?” Louis asked, somewhat frightened of the idea. I giggled.

“well when you say it like that it just makes it sound girly now doesn’t it?”? I said a little bit too sassy, while tapping Louis on the nose. This made him chuckle.

My fingers grasped the eyeliner moving over to Liam first. I squatted down again moving in close, placing my hands on his soft cheek. The eyeliner traced his eyebrows, darkening them until they were completely black.

“I don’t see-”

“shh” I whispered, cutting Liam off.

I dug into the makeup bag trying to find the right shade of foundation so I could cover up his birthmark on his neck. Finding the foundation, I tabbed a bit on the sponge and began wiping his neck until the little birthmark was completely oblivious to the human eye. Moving onto his lips, I searched in the capartments for a fake lip piercing I had worn for Halloween a few years ago. Finding the plastic little ring I held up for Liam instructing him to put it on his lip. At first he was unsure but quickly did as told. I noticed that his eyebrows were pitch black and his hair was coffee colored brown, making him look abnormal. I grabbed the beanie off of Louis’ head and place it on Liam’s covering every inch of brown hair on him. For touch ups I put black liquid eyeliner around his eyes making the perfect little good boy into a Goth badass ready to knock up your daughter. Pleased with how Liam turned out, I moved over to Louis not sure what to do.

“woah Liam, you look different, mate” Louis said in awe touching Liam’s face to make sure it was in fact Liam.

“can I see?” he asked me, wanting to see how his makeover turned out.

“not yet, I need to do Louis,” I replied analyzing Louis’ face, trying to find the exact opposite of him, “you’re usually a cheeky fellow, correct?” I asked Louis. A huge grin grew on his face.

“how’d you guess?” he smirked, revealing a mysterious grin.

This caused me to laugh and finally get an idea for him. I quickly darted to my room to find my old glasses from when I was 16. Searching in some old boxes I hadn’t quit unloaded I found the shades. They were huge around the rim and completely black other then the glass. Holding them up to the light I wiped some of the dust off and quickly darted back to the bathroom. I handed them to Louis to put on and he instantly loved them.

“I look smashing with these on, don’t I?” he smirked giving me a cheeky grin.

“sure,” I sarcastically agreed with him, digging in the cabinets again to find some hair gel.

Spotting the blue bottle, my hands quickly grabbed it pouring the slimy liquid in my palm. Lifting my hands up to Louis’ hair I began playing with it, putting up as a mow hawk at first, then a Justin Bieber hair due, then finally to where he had a middle part making him look a little dorky. To top It off I grabbed a little strand of his hair, in the back, making it stand straight up. Converting this cheeky child into a quite dork who enjoyed reading books for his past time.

I backed up to admire my work. Both of them were playing with each other’s new makeup. Poking one another’s faces mumbling things like “you’re so different” or “I wonder what I look like.” I looked down at there clothes. They couldn’t wear these outfits, this had One Direction written all over it. I studied Louis’ shirt, thinking it could probably work for Liam’s Goth look but I would need to find Louis another top.

“Louis give Liam your shirt and I’ll go find you another one,” I instructed him, heading out the door. Before I could go I felt masculine hand, wrap around my wrist pulling me back.

“why?” Louis asked, letting go of my wrist.

“because it completes his look, now do it,” I explained to him, trying to leave again and shutting the door to give them privacy.

Making my way over to Laci’s room, I knocked on the door having a boy dressed in abnormally fancy clothes open the door for me, with his blonde hair slicked back making him look like quite a snob. I almost had to do a double take just to make sure that was Niall.

“you’re looking quite sharp today, Mr. Horan,” I giggled, brushing off a loose string from his coat.

“thank you, Ms. Darcy,” he replied, with his chin held high.

I scurried pass him, into Laci’s bedroom to find she was finishing up on Zayn, who still looked completely normal but not Zayn Malik normal. If that makes any sense. He was wearing a t-shirt with a weird picture of a bird that was a dark shade of purple, this was the shirt Niall was wearing earlier. They must’ve switched clothes except he was still wearing pitch black jeans he had come here in. he looked like any other guy that I would go to college with. Then my attention went to Harry. His hair was still pulled back into a beanie and just under it his face was covered by sunglasses. He had my old varsity jacket on with his white v neck t-shirt laying under it. He wore a dark shade of blue jeans, that were Niall’s, and were bunched up at the bottom because they were too big. I giggled to myself noticing how different they looked even though they wore clothes that I saw everyday.

“whatcha ya think?” Laci asked me, noticing I was in the room.

“they look…ravishing," i complimented her, hearing her giggle from behind me as I turned around, putting my arm around shoulder, “let’s go shopping.”

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