Let Me Love You...

Darcy is just moving into LA and getting use to the city when she meets two mystery boys, who happen to be apart of the biggest boy band in thew world. But thats not even the best part... she might just fall for one of them.


19. it'll be just Darc and I!

Darcy’s POV

The rest of the car ride I was belted with questions on how my afternoon with Harry went. I tried to answer them with the least amount of detail as possible but that only made the questions keep coming. When we had finally arrived at the apartment Laci had heard enough of my afternoon and begged me to let her tell me about hers. I sighed, agreeing to hear it and the next thing I knew, I was being dragged into the living room having Laci babble about how Niall and her were meant for each other. Don’t get me wrong, they were a super cute couple and I was happy for Laci but I guess I wasn’t in the mood to hear about her relationship. For the next thirty minutes I continued to nod my head and mumble things like “mhm” or “aw how cute” to make Laci think I was actually listening to her but in reality my mind was somewhere else. I tried to think of things that needed to be done or how I would help Laci pack for England but for some reason Harry’s remark continued to pop up. I racked my brains thinking about it, declining the idea of ever moving there but then a tiny voice in my head would remind me of Harry’s words causing me to rethink the subject again. I guess I would like to go-

“Are you even listening to me?” Laci pouted, pulling me out of my thoughts.

I quickly stiffened up. “Of course.”

Her eyes squinted at me, trying to read behind through my fake smile. “No you aren’t,” she told me, looking pass my lie, “what are you thinking about?”

I sighed. “…England…”

A huge grin grew across her face. “Are you wanting to come with me? Oh I knew you’d change your mind. It might be hard to book a flight for you but I mean if Niall can’t do it then I don’t know who can-“

“Laci I’m still not sure about the whole thing…I was just thinking about it…”I admitted.

I saw a sad expression wash across her face. “Oh… ”

I felt absolutely horrible about this. She really did want me to come, I could tell but I don’t want to go to England and well quite frankly the whole idea of going there was too scary for me but Laci. She would need me.

Ah fuck. Screw it. “Alright I’ll go,” I mumbled.

Her eyes flickered. “I’m sorry what was that?” she grinned, knowing exactly what I had said.

“I’ll fucking go! Ok! You happy?”

She piled on me, enclosing me into a huge hug. “EXSTATIC! I’M SO HAPPY YOUR COMING DARC! THIS MEANS THE WORLD TO ME!” she shrieked in my ear, “I have to go tell Ni! Oh my god! He will be so happy! I can’t believe you’re coming!” and with that she darted to her room, dialing in Niall’s number to spread the news.

For awhile I stayed on the couch listening to their conversation, she was a loud talker, I’d have to admit. I didn’t really know what to do, go pack or stay on the couch. I’d be going to England tomorrow and well quite frankly. I was scared out of my fucking mind; I brought my legs up to my chest, grabbing my phone out of my pocket. I clicked the twitter app, scrolling down the celebrities tweets. I saw Laci had tweeted about going to England even though I was her only follower. Clicking her name I had found she was tweeting a lot in the past couple of days. Most of them were to Niall so I decided to follow him and then went back to Laci’s account. I went through her tweets noticing the conversation she was having with all the boys of One Direction. I also saw she had developed a healthy amount of followers since I last saw her twitter, must’ve been from Niall. About to exit out of twitter I saw I had a new notification, and clicked on it to see it was a tweet from Laci, it read “@Laci_W: @Darcy_attwood check out @Harry_styles latest tweet(;” I giggled to myself thinking she was being her usual prankster self. I pressed his name and read the latest tweet, “just heard some good news Xx”

A smile grew across my face, hoping the news he had heard was what I thought it was. I highly doubt it though. I threw my phone on the couch, bringing myself to my bedroom to pack. It had taken the rest of the afternoon to pack every essential item I would need but finally, by 7:00, I had completed most of the task and walked out of my room to go to the kitchen. I would take a little break and get some dinner then head back to my room to finish. I passed Laci’s room, hearing multiple voices come from it. Curious, I gently pushed the door open to see Niall was in her room helping her pack. He held up her underwear that was lying on the ground and began muttering something about it. Laci’s face grew bright red and She quickly snatched the underwear away tucking it in her suitcase. Niall smiled at her, wrapping his arm around Laci’s petite waist, causing her to snuggle closer to him, burying her face in chest. They began talking but I couldn’t hear a word they were saying. It was more of a mumble then actual speaking.

“Enjoying the show?” I heard a voice say.

I spun around to find Louis pressed up against me peering through the crack of the door as well.

“Louis you scared me!” I whispered, brushing him away.

He quickly came closer, “I know you wish that was us.”

I cocked my eyebrows up. “Don’t you have a girlfriend?”

“Of course. Don’t you know who she is?”

I shook my head.

“Eleanor,” he informed having a smile appear on his face, “and she’s the most beautiful girl in the world. No offense.”

I giggled. “None taken.”

I peered back into the crack to find they had gone back to packing and hadn’t noticed Louis and I out the door.

“Maybe we should go,”” I heard Louis mention to me.

I nodded my head following him into the TV room to find that not only were Niall and Louis here but the rest of one direction had made their way to my apartment as well.

I scrunched my eyebrows together. “Um...didn’t know I would be having guests?

They all directed their attention towards me, noticing I was here.

“Niall came to help Laci pack,” Liam informed me, making sure i knew they wouldn’t show up here unannounced for no reason.

“So we thought we’d tag along,” Louis added, nudging me in the side.

I gave him a look. “Oh, erm….I didn’t know you guys would be coming… sorry if I’m being a bad host...” I apologized, “is there anything you guys would like to do?

They all exchanged looks, having the same expression on their face.

“We heard you were coming to England with us,” Harry announced giving me a sly smile, “have you finished packing?”

I shrugged my shoulders. “Not yet.”

“Then we’ll help you!” he screamed getting up from the couch, running towards my room.

I grabbed his wrist before he passed me. “That’s ok. I can finish it by myself.”

“Oh I didn’t know you were one of THOSE people…” he muttered walking across me.

I folded my arms against my chest. “Excuse me?”

“You just don’t like a little company when it comes to packing, that’s cool,” harry jokingly threw at me, throwing himself to the couch.

“Fine then you guys can help me pack if that’s really what you want to do.”

Liam scratched his head, wanting to say something but couldn’t bring himself to do it. Zayn was quick to help him out.

“Well Liam and Louis have girlfriends so I don’t think there girls would appreciate it if they helped another girl pack and well me….” His voice faltered.

“Fine then it will just be Darc and I!” Harry shouted, getting back up from the couch and stretching his arm over my shoulder.

He dragged me back to my room softly shutting the door, enclosing us from the outside world. It felt weird, I might add.

He turned around, staring straight at me with a grin growing on his face. “So what have you packed so far?”

I racked my brain thinking of what I had done for the past couple of hours. “Um clothes, toiletries, my laptop, a couple of movies, a few snacks and some other stuff...”

“That sounds like everything to me,” he chirped, crossing my bedroom to sit on my bed.

I laid down next to him, exhausted from today. I felt the spot next to me press down and figured it was Harry lying down. For some time, I let my eyes gently shut having the room fill with silence but Harry must’ve felt odd about it and was quick to speak.

“So what changed your mind?”

My eyes fluttered open, shifting around on my side so that I was facing him. “What do you mean?”

“What changed your mind about England?” he clarified, raising his eyebrow.

I shrugged my shoulders. “Felt bad for Laci, I guess.”

He nodded his head, continuing to stare at the ceiling, thinking about something but I couldn’t tell what. My eyes wondered around Harry, Analyzing his body language. He seemed tense, like he was nervous or something. I quickly shrugged it off.

“So anything I should know about London?” I spoke, trying to make conversation.

He smirked, peeling his eyes from the ceiling and putting them on me. “Well I wouldn’t wonder around all by yourself on a cold stormy day and try to find your friend in a creepy abandoned fortune teller shop with two people you just met.”

I felt my shoulders slump. “Shut up..”

He chuckled, placing his eyes to the ceiling again. For a little bit he was silent, almost like he was thinking but he quickly got up and turned towards me.

“So back to packing.”

I leaned up, still sitting on my bed. “What else should I bring?”

His attention directed towards one of my bras lying on the floor hidden under a blanket. “Um maybe this?”

I felt my face grow bright red as darted towards him, reaching for the bra but he was quick to move and held the bra just above my head so it was out of my reach. “Give it back harry!!”

“You’re going to have to grab it from me!”

I jumped up once more feeling the lace around the cup trickle my hand but it was quickly removed by harry lifting the bra up even higher. I gave him a look.

“Just try once more,” he begged.

Taking a deep breath, I bent my knees and lifted up off the ground. I quickly snatched the bra from his grasp and landed back onto the ground with the bra safely resting in my hand, but sadly as soon as my feet hit the floor I felt my balance uneven, causing me to fall forwards onto harry. We hit the hard ground with me resting safely on top of him so he was the one that had taken the blow. I peered down at him seeing the pain seep through his face.

I reached my hand up to his face causing him to flinch. “Oh my god are you ok?”

He brushed my hand away leaning up but tumbling back down to the ground. “Ouch,” he muttered.

“Harry I’m so sorry let me help-“

“It’s ok,” he mumbled, letting his head rest against the ground.

I let my hand trickle its way back up to head feeling around to see if there was any blood. I didn’t feel any thank god. My eye sight shifted from his head and quickly made contact with him. He smirked, reaching his hand up to mine to place back down on the ground. For a second I found myself staring at him, Letting my eyes scan his ruffled curls and slowly reaching his face. His dimples made it even harder for me not to stare considering that was a huge turn on for me. His luscious green orbs laid there staring straight at me. I fi hadn’t known any better I would think he was doing the same thing I was. I heard something brush against the door and quickly got to my feet rushing over to my bed.

Harry sat up, massaging his head. The door quickly flung open to reveal Louis. He opened his mouth to say something but curiosity quickly washed over his face when he saw harry on the floor and me as far as possible from him with an embarrassed look plastered on my face.

“Did I interrupt something?”

“NO!” we both screamed almost simultaneously.

He raised his eyebrows, putting his hands up in the air for defense. “Well Laci wanted me to get you guys for a meeting so...” his voice faltered as he began walking away leaving me alone with Harry.

I got up from the bed, shifting my weight on my feet uncomfortably. “Um we should go.”

Harry got up nodding his head. “ya.”

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