Let Me Love You...

Darcy is just moving into LA and getting use to the city when she meets two mystery boys, who happen to be apart of the biggest boy band in thew world. But thats not even the best part... she might just fall for one of them.


20. hotel

Harry’s POV

Darcy quickly got to her feet, looking terribly uncomfortable with being alone with me. Good to know I had that affect on her.

“Um we should go,” she murmured rushing out the door before I could say anything else.

I nodded my head, even though she wasn’t in the room, muttering, “ya.”

Before leaving I glanced around the room noticing how clean it was.  There literally wasn’t a speck of dirt in 10 miles of this place. It wasn’t surprising considering she seemed like a clean freak. Trying not to look like a creeper I walked out of her room and into her living room to find Darcy standing awkwardly in the middle of the room with Laci and Niall snuggling on the coffee table in front of her. I swear I was about to yell at Darcy for interrupting Niall’s girl time since he usually didn’t have much of it  but she let out a soft cough causing the love birds to realize they weren’t alone anymore. Laci seemed like she was ready to pounce on Darcy but then a quick shadow brushed up against Darcy wrapping his arms around her waist. Swiftly he picked her up, throwing her over his shoulder and slamming her to the couch with a big splat. My eyes narrowed noticing the shadow had been Zayn.

“ZAYN! You scared me!” Darcy shrieked playfully punching him in the arm.

Zany knelt down close to her whispering something in her ear causing her to giggle. She made eye contact with me soon after and bit her lip brushing zayn away, trying to get up from the couch. Zayn instantly looked at me noticing why she had blown him off.

She sat next to Laci who was now off Niall’s lap and intently watching us.

“Alright so Niall and I were talking and he thinks it would be more convenient if we spent the night at your hotel rooms instead of our apartment. That way you guys don’t have to make an extra stop in the morning,” Laci explained to all of us when in reality we knew she was really only telling Darcy.

My eyes searched the ground not wanting to see her reaction. God knew she would probably be appalled by the idea.

“I’m cool with that,” Darcy chirped.

My face snapped up, astounded by the fact she was ok with this. The room was filled with ‘oks’ or ‘sounds cool’ by the rest of the lads. I knew they wouldn’t mind, they were probably thrilled with the idea of new company. I knew I was. It Seemed like we were with the same people every second of every day and I was looking forwards to some changes.

“You ok with that, mate?” Niall asked, pulling me out of my thoughts.

I dug my hands in my pockets. “ya I don’t care.”

I did care.

Laci popped off the coffee table with her hands clapped together. “Great! So will the guys take Darc and I’s suitcases to the car why us girls get ready?” she asked us swinging her arm around Darcy shoulder.

Liam was quick to reply. “Sure thing, take as much time as you need.”

Both of them flashed him a smile walking off to their bedrooms to change. I sighed, walking back to Darcy’s room to take her suitcase for her. Brushing my knuckle up to her door, I knocked hard on it only to find she was right behind the door with the suitcase already in her hands.

“Oh harry,” she breathed, “um here’s my suitcase. Thanks for taking it to the car for me.”

I felt my breathing hitch as my finger brushed against hers whilst taking the bag.

“Um ya no problem, just come outside when you’re done,” I murmured strolling off to the car.

For having every essential item she would need for the next couple of months in this bag, it sure seemed light. I shrugged it off thinking she probably had more to come and slung the bag into the car not being very careful. Behind me Niall slammed another bag into the car which, I’m guessing, was Laci’s. He smirked at me patting me on the back.

“What was that for?” I stuttered, stumbling forwards from his blow to my back.

“Listen, you mind not getting too close to Darcy for me?” he said, emphasizing on the ‘too close part.’

My eyebrows furrowed together feeling a crease form between them. “What do you mean?”

“Just, I know how a lot of girls seem to fancy you and well…” Niall’s voice faltered.

I crossed my arms across my chest ready to hear what he had to say about me. “Well what?”

“Just Laci’s pretty close with Darcy and well I’ve never seen you with a steady relationship so….I guess what imp trying to say….erm…. I would just feel better if you didn’t get too close with her. Is that ok?” Niall finally spit out.

I guess most people would think that I would resent Niall for saying that or maybe it would make me want her even more but in reality I shrugged it off. My friends came first. Niall grinned at me, patting my shoulder once more before he went back inside. I soon followed him in to find Laci and Darc were all ready to go. They had changed out of their regular clothes and into sweats. The only difference between there outfits were laci’s jacket and sweats matched whilst Darcy had thrown on a v neck shirt with grey, two sizes too big sweats. In all honesty I seriously thought I had the same outfit as her.

“You guys ready?” Laci chirped.

Everybody nodded their heads whilst walking out the front door. I was almost too much in my thoughts to realize I was the only one left in the house other then Laci who had stayed to lock up. She gave me a look wondering why I wasn’t outside with the rest of the group.

“Get lost on the way out?” she joked, easing the tension.

I shook my head. “No, just in my own world sorry.”

She flashed me a smile letting me walk out first. I continued walking to the car as I heard the door shut behind me and her key turning to lock it. Everyone was piled outside the black SUV waiting to pile in as we usually did. Zayn agreed to drive having Louis sit shot gun and the rest of us scattered in the back. Liam slowly scooted over to Darcy who was in the back in between him and Laci. Niall and I sat in the middle of the car. I glanced at my watch to see it was already 8:00. I was exhausted from today and couldn’t wait to flop into bed. I felt my head slowly creep back into the chair whilst my eyes fluttered shut. My ears zoned out the conversations, letting my body go into sleep mode.

 “What’s so bad about him?” I heard a voice from behind me ask, pulling me into their conversation.

 “Nothing it’s just Niall told me he usually doesn’t stick to one girl for a long time so I don’t want you to get hurt,” another voice replied giving me the impression it was Laci.

“Why would you think I liked him?” the other one asked once again, judging by her slight Texas accent I guessed it was Darcy.

“Well you guys seemed pretty flirty earlier today...”

“When?!?!” Darcy remarked cutting Laci off.

“shhh not so loud! He’s right in front of us!”

“Lac I don’t like him, I’m not looking for a relationship, I’m coming to England for you and nothing else.”

“Alright. Jeez calm down. I just want you to know what you’re getting yourself into.”

And with that the conversation ended. Liam began talking to Darcy whilst Laci mingled with Niall. The world was at peace again and I could finally go to sleep. Too bad the gears in my head began turning as I thought even more about what they were saying. Was I really that bad? It seemed like both Niall and Laci wanted Darcy to have nothing to do with me. I mean I guess I was fine with the idea, I didn’t really know her that well but it still made me sick to my stomach knowing people thought of me that way. I mean maybe Darcy was a nice girl and I would wanna date her sometime? But I wouldn’t be able to because of how others saw me. I just couldn’t digest the idea of others thinking I was a player. I never thought of myself like that.

The car came to a stop signaling we were at the hotel. I felt a delicate tap on my shoulder causing me to jump a little.

“Oh sorry! I didn’t know if you were awake or not,” that preppy voice I knew so well, shrieked from behind me.

“It’s ok Laci.”

I slipped out of the seat, shuffling my feet to the back door of the hotel. Paul told us not to use the main entrance so we wouldn’t be able to draw attention to ourselves; I still used it from time to time. My hands grasp the knob pulling the door open for everyone. One by one they all scurried in making their way to the elevator. I was quick to follow and before I knew it all seven of us were packed into a tiny cube floating up. The doors ‘dinged’ opened causing us to fall out scattering to our own groups. As usual Louis tried to find either Zayn or Liam to talk to and Niall immediately went to Laci as if he was a magnet and Lac was a hot piece of metal. The only group that surprised me was Liam and Darcy. Somehow he had managed to slip out of Louis’ grasp and safely make it over to little old Darcy. She seemed to be enjoying his company rather nicely, considering she couldn’t control the ripples of laughter flowing out of her mouth. Liam casually slung his arm over her shoulder, jokingly tapping her on the nose. Instantly I felt a fire form in my stomach. It burned envy as I watched the two get closer and closer. I swear I would’ve pounced on Liam if he hadn’t gracefully taken his arm back and made his way back over to Louis.

We reached the room quickly and all squeezed through the tiny door trying to get through first. Once we were all safely inside Laci gathered everybody together to have yet another meeting.

Darcy’s POV

“Hey guys! We need to talk sleeping arrangements,” Laci announced flagging her arms for attention.

Oh god. Sleeping arrangements? I didn’t have a boyfriend like Laci which I could casually sleep with. I wasn’t in any kind of relationship with any of the four other boys who had free rooms.

“Well obviously Laci will be sleeping in Niall’s room,” Louis’ announced giving Niall a cheeky grin. Niall’s cheeks flushed red as he crossed his arms across his chest from embarrassment.

“The rest of us can just sleep in our regular rooms and well Darcy…” Liam’s voice faltered.

A small part of me wished that one of the guys would offer me to sleep in the rooms. It would give me the idea that at least one of the members of the band liked me and didn’t think I was weird. Sadly, no one offered their room so Laci had to speak up before I was completely humiliated.

“I think Darc can just sleep on the couch out here,” she offered trying to make the awkward tension go away. Sadly it didn’t.

“That ok with you?” Niall asked me, pulling me back into reality.

I sweetly smiled, nodding my head and walking to the couch. One by one the boys all brought me a couple of blankets a pillow and the remote, anything I would need to sleep. After they were done making sure I was ok to be out here all by myself they dispersed to get ready for bed. Laci followed Niall into his room and quickly shot me a look before she went in. I didn’t know what to think they’d be doing tonight. I buried my head into the pillow noticing the hotel room growing darker and darker by the second. It didn’t take long for me to drift asleep and before I knew it I was already dreaming.

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