Let Me Love You...

Darcy is just moving into LA and getting use to the city when she meets two mystery boys, who happen to be apart of the biggest boy band in thew world. But thats not even the best part... she might just fall for one of them.


25. giving up

Harry had already sprinted out the door, not wanting me to catch up to him. I didn’t care though. What was wrong with him? Why was he so upset by this? We were only friends and he had never EVER made any kind of move on me, making met think indifferently. So why now? Why is it that he became interested in me when I developed a boyfriend? Questions flooded through my head as adrenaline pumped through my veins. Chasing harry was the last thing I expected to do tonight and the fact that I was wearing four inch heels didn’t make this any better.

“Harry!” I gasped, trying to gulp in as much air as I could.

He continued to bolt across the sidewalk making sure I had absolutely no chance in catching up to him but that doesn’t mean I didn’t try. Even though my running ability was not nearly as high as his, I still struggled. I could feel the icy air puffing into my lungs, bringing sharp agony to my organs and the wet sharp wind whipping across my face. My cheeks must have been blood red by now. Piles of air would go in and out of my lungs leaving prickles of burns all throughout my throat.

How much longer would this go on? It felt like he had been fleeing from me for minutes.  My ability to function was slowly easing away from my grasp. It felt as though the world was spinning around me, and was amused to see me struggling to hard. My eyes widened, frantically trying to grab a hold of my consciousness but it was slipping. Suddenly I felt cold trickles along my arm and an agonizing pain shot through my elbow. It quickly passed though. Dark edges blew into my vision, making my eye sight blurry but I would fight it.

I scrunched my eyes tightly shut and then freed them. Reality continued to escape from me. i had realized one thing: I was slowly fainting. Why was this happening? What had I done? And why wasn’t anyone helping me? Something stung against my eye and I blinked to force the pain away. I inhaled the freezing air, sending chills up and down my spine. Faint sprinkled of snowflakes would melt against my skin and it made wonder how they were catching up to me. I was still chasing harry, right? Or had I fell? Was that the burning agony coming from my numb elbow? I forced my eyelids shut letting all the idiotic and confusing questions flow out of my mind.

“Darcy?” I muffled voice shot into my ears.

I knew that voice. It was his voice but where was it? Why couldn’t I reach it? Instinctively I lifted my arm desperately searching for it. Slender fingers intertwined within mine but they weren’t who I was expecting. They weren’t his. I didn’t want them so I slipped my hand away tucking it back safely to my body.

“Darcy? What’s wrong?” the mysterious voice asked again.

This time it wasn’t his voice, it was someone else’s. I still knew it but didn’t desire it. Picking myself up from the ice cold cement, I bolted in another direction still acquiring the blurry vision. I was convinced my eye sight was similar to a horse, only perceiving objects that were placed directly in front of it. Although I had absolutely no idea as to where I was or where Harry had gone, I knew I needed to continue running, As though it would make the pain ease away from me. My legs were franticly loosing feeling and I felt the crystal sharp pain through my elbow again. The wind was no longer pressing hard against my body which was strange. Where had it gone? I ignored the confused sense pounding through my brain and continued to sprint against the wet snow tripping me. It sloshed into my heels burning every time it brushed against my skin. All feeling had escaped my veins from the waist down. I luckily still had my arms which were waving up and down trying to pull myself forward. Suddenly my body collapsed. It was hacked directly into a bitter blanket of snow but my numb carcass was already too cold to notice.

Gradually the murkiness flowed back to me, completely capturing my consciousness.


I awoke the smell of smoke climbing into my nostrils. I made a disgusted look, whilst pulling myself forward.

I was completely surrounded by a thick cloak of snow and the only spark of light was the bum throwing random garbage into his fire. That must’ve been where the smoke came from. Glancing around, I came to the conclusion that I had absolutely no idea where I was and that I must’ve been far from the restaurant I had been eating at.

Oh my god.

How long had I been out? Minutes? Hours? DAYS?!?!

My head was clobbered with questions that I couldn’t answer to save my life, so I did the only thing I could think of, I called Laci. First she was furious I had left her all by herself with five other men but she got over it once she registered the fact that I was lost in the city of London. I had also figured something else out, I was only unconscious for a couple of hours and it was now one in the morning. I couldn’t decide how I felt on my situation so I hauled myself out of the snow realizing how much my body heat had dropped. As soon as my body had nothing else to rely on but itself a huge gust of wind brushed against my bare shoulders. I had to have gotten frost bite. The temperature outside felt as though it was below freezing and all I was wearing was a tiny golden dress with heels. I estimated that I would most likely pass out in an hour from the arctic weather, which wasn’t good considering the fact Iwould most likely die if i passed out in this weather, again.

So I carried myself farther and farther, not knowing if it was the correct direction or not. Every now and then I would whisper harry’s name, praying he would hear me. People who pasted me thought I was crazy, from the wet hair, lack of clothing and mumbling of names. I just kept praying that somebody, ANYBODY would find me, would take me into their residence and clean me up, would call Laci telling her where she could find me but I continued on like this for some time. The minutes of my short hour were quickly ticking by and I would most likely collapse before Laci found me.

oh ya. I promised her I would meet her somewhere, but where? Had I already forgotten? Nice one Darcy.  I was asking to die, wasn’t I? I mean I had already forgotten where I was going and why I was here. How did I get in this situation? I was forgetting everything and the black murkiness was coming back to me, clogging the rim of my eye sight. I desperately just wanted to give up, to let the blackness win the fight. It was so tempting to just not care anymore, to rest. I couldn’t remember why I was fighting but I knew it was important so that kept me going. Dragging my feet against the ground, I still carried on. I was going to win. I was becoming so much weaker by the minute. My hour must’ve been long gone by now.

That was it. I couldn’t go on. Whatever reason I was doing this could not be good enough. I let my body shatter against the ground. I think I heard a gasp, maybe. The crisp frost danced across my body, numbing me. I was gone. I had to be dead by now. I wanted to be dead but there was a thermal touch around my waist and suddenly I was no longer against the ground. I felt strong arms wrapped around me and my arms dangled from the ground.

“You’re going to be alright, I promise,” a voice whispered to me.

I wanted to talk to it. So desperately. I wanted to ask it where we were going, who it was, why it was helping me but I couldn’t get my voice to do it. So I let all the tenseness (what was left of it) out of my body and let my lifeless corpse dangle in it its arms.

“I’m so sorry I let this happen to you,” it hissed to itself.

And then I knew. I remembered why I was trudging around in the snow. What my purpose for almost dyeing was. The person, who was saving me, was Harry.

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