Let Me Love You...

Darcy is just moving into LA and getting use to the city when she meets two mystery boys, who happen to be apart of the biggest boy band in thew world. But thats not even the best part... she might just fall for one of them.


16. getting to know you

Darcy’s POV

Taken back by how handsome they both were, I stared straight back at them with a bit of uneasiness to myself. Before I didn’t see why everybody was so ecstatic about a group of boys but now seeing them up close I quickly found a good reason for it. I felt a pinch on my side, pulling me out of my boy fantasy and look behind me to see Laci. She gave me ‘the look’ signaling that I was being a horrible host, I quickly pulled myself together.

“um would you guys like something to drink or eat-”

“I would love some food!” Niall announced, cutting me off before I could finish.

I nodded my head making my way to the kitchen. I flew open the refrigerator doors and peered in trying to find something to make Niall happy but we only had things like fruit and yogurt. What can I say? We are a healthy people. Quickly making my way to the pantry, I spotted some tortilla chips and grasped them tight, poring them into a bowl. Moving back to the fridge I grabbed the salsa and threw it into a smaller bowl, now making my way to the tv room with the chips in one hand and the salsa in the other. I rested them on the small coffee table, which was in middle of all the couches.

As soon as I set it down, Niall plummeted himself into the food not making sure anyone else wanted some before he completely devoured it. I had to admit, I did giggle a bit from this.

Searching around I had found that all the boys had already made themselves a home and were spread out among the couches, completely unaware that they were in someone else’s place. Louis had already switched the television on, beginning to watch Shark Week but Harry quickly grabbed the remote from him switching on some movie I had never seen before. They continued fighting over the remote until one of them accidentally switched the channel in to something else that caught there attention and began watching that. Niall was talking to Laci as best as he could, laughing in between bites of food. Laci didn’t seem grossed out by Niall talking with his mouth full but then again those things had never bugged her before. Zayn sat on the love seat next to Harry and Louis’ couch and was speaking to Liam who sat on the other side of him, on a completely different couch. Considering he was the only one on that couch, so I decided to sit next to him and engage myself in there conversation. As soon as I sat down, Liam shot me with a question.

“so have you lived in LA long?” he asked in his husky accent.

“um no I moved here about a month ago,” I replied sweetly smiling at him.

“where did you live before?” Zayn asked, suddenly more interested in the conversation.

“Texas,” I informed both of them. suddenly They both laughed at this, causing my eyebrows to scrunch together. “what?”

“you just don’t seem like a Texas girl to me,” Zayn answered, with a huge grin plastered on his face causing me to pout.

“what? I’m definitely Texas material,” I argued, crossing my arms across my chest.

“we didn’t say you weren’t, I just remember that place being a bit…rowdy,” Liam told me, trying to make me feel better. Hearing him say the word ‘rowdy’ made me chuckle to myself, knowing it must’ve been weird for him to say words like that.

“I bet I have a much better Texas accent then boy of you,’ I declared, raising my eyebrows at them causing them exchanged looks, nodding there heads.

“lets hear it,” Zayn bluntly told me. A huge grin grew on my face as I took a breath in.

“howdy, my names Darcy,” I let my natural Texas accent flow out. It felt so foreign considering I hadn’t used it for some time. It must’ve sounded a bit different then usual, maybe even rusty.

For a brief moment both Zayn and Liam had a poker faces on but quickly erupted into laughter, gripping there stomachs. I gave them both a look.

“what?! that’s how actual people from Texas talk!” I explained, trying to make myself seem cooler then I actually was. Neither of them spoke, they just continued to laugh, letting there faces grow bright red.

“fine then. Your turn,” I said, staring at Zayn who was now on the floor from laughing too hard. He quickly snapped back into reality once he heard it was his turn to speak my language.

“alright fine,” he agreed, in his normal deep British accent, sending butterflies throughout my tummy. Quickly clearing his throat, he got comfortable on the love seat and then took in a breath.

“howdy y’all. I ride horses and play with cows,” Zayn spoke, now mixing his normal British accent with a new Texas accent causing his voice to sound completely different. At first I didn’t really know how to react to this. He had kind of offended Texas but in away he just looked completely stupid doing it.

At first I let a snicker escape my lips, causing Zayn to give me a look both then I couldn’t hold it in any longer and soon bursted into ripples of laughter, having tears stream down my face. My legs flopped around trying to stop laughing but I couldn’t help. Finally, I pulled myself together and made direct contact with Liam.

“do I even want to know what yours sounds like?” I asked Liam, still giggling from Zayn’s attempt to be Texan. Liam quickly shook his head, still laughing.

“how could I ever compete with Zayn’s wonderful Texan accent?” Liam sarcastically claimed, patting Zayn on the back.

“I GET TO CHOOSE!” I heard Louis scream, causing everyone’s attention to redirect to him and Harry.

“you got to pick last time!” Harry shot back at him, throwing his elbow in Louis gut and quickly grabbing the remote.

“calm down, curly,” Louis muttered, rubbing the place Harry had just elbowed him and flicking him in the head. Harry quickly tackled him causing both of them to fall to the floor and flop around trying to grab the remote from the each other.

Liam quickly got up from the couch, trying to break them up, telling them that I got to choose the channel because it was my TV. They both sat in Indian position, with there arms crossed against there chest, muttering sorry to each other as Liam grabbed the remote from Louis. He quickly spun around flashing me a smile and giving me the remote.

All eyes were on me as I flipped the channels trying to find a movie or something to keep them quiet. Flipping pass a horror film, I had Niall tackle me, screaming “DON’T CHANGE THE CHANNEL!” I put my hands up in defense muttering sorry, keeping the channel on the scary movie. He grinned and sat back down next to Laci, wrapping his arm around her waist, pulling her in close. I admit, that was pretty cute.

I sighed, getting up from the couch to go outside, not in the mood to watch something scary. Sitting down in a chair on the deck outside, I watched the clouds swirl around, signaling it was going to rain soon. It’s funny, I had been in LA for about a month and the weather seemed like we were more in a frozen wasteland then supposedly the most pretty place in the US. I felt the wind creep up from behind me, causing goose bumps to grow on my arms. I shivered from the cold wind, bringing my knees up to my chest and wrapping my arms around them.

“you want a blanket or something?” I heard a familiar voice call to me. I darted behind me too see Harry, with his hands buried in his pockets and his hood over his head even though he was wearing a beanie.

“nah I’m good,” I replied, patting the spot next to me, wanting him to sit by me.

He shuffled his feet next to me, sitting down a normal amount of distance people should sit next to each other. We sat there watching the sky grow darker, in complete silence for a few minutes, just enjoying each other’s company until Harry spoke.

“so you’re not coming to England, eh?” he confirmed with me. I nodded my head, not really wanting to talk about England anymore. “why not?”

I sighed. “I just don’t want to go to another country with some one who I’ve known for only a month,” I replied truthfully.

“you both seem pretty close for not knowing each other so long,” he argued, shivering from the gentle breeze passing by.

“ya,” I mumbled, with a smile growing on my face, thinking of Laci. We were pretty close. To be honest, I hadn’t hung out with any other girl, other then Laci, since I moved here to LA and I didn’t think she had either.

“we should probably head back inside. It’s getting pretty cold,” he reasoned with me. I mumbled a “mhm” while walking back with him inside.

We entered to see Laci practically in Niall’s lap from fright and the rest of the boys cuddled next to Liam on one couch. I don’t think they would ever admit it but they seemed pretty afraid. I sat down on the now empty love seat watching Harry sit on the floor in between Niall and me, giving me a grin. I gave him one back and pulled my knees back up to my chest, watching the horror movie with content.

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