Let Me Love You...

Darcy is just moving into LA and getting use to the city when she meets two mystery boys, who happen to be apart of the biggest boy band in thew world. But thats not even the best part... she might just fall for one of them.


8. come on Darcy, have a little fun...

“what the hell are you doing?” I screamed at her, making her wince.

“Darcy can we talk about this in private?” she whispered to me, obviously embarrassed.

“of course not!! Tell me what you’re doing??“ I shrieked.

By now I was making quite a scene and everybody’s eyes were on us, enjoying the show. I kept seeing flashes from cameras in the corner of my eye, giving me the idea that the paparazzi were just eating this up. That just made me even more angry. I could feel the anger building up inside of me, making me boil. I took a breath in, getting ready to scream some more but then I felt a masculine body hover in front of me, wrapping his strong arms around me and lifting me up over his shoulder, walking into the club. I kicked and screamed, yelling things like ‘let me go!“ or ‘what the hell are you doing?’ typical damsel in distress stuff. It got to the point where I was so bad he had to slid me off his shoulder and squeeze me into a hug, with my face plastered to his chest. Whoever this person was smelt really good but that didn’t stop me from continuing to yell, only nobody could hear what I was saying considering I was pretty much making out with his chest. I guess he took me to a private room or something because I heard the door slam multiple times. Before I was finally released the guy whispered in my ear, “be nice.” judging by his voice, it had been Harry who dragged me inside. To confirm my suspicion I looked up to see luscious green eyes, staring down at me giving me a feeling of uneasiness. Under those beautiful green eyes was a smile so perf-

Woah snap out of it, Darc.

“please tell me what’s going on?” I begged Laci, realizing we were in a room blocked off from the club.

“I will, I promise,” she sighed walking over to the couch in the room and sitting down, “Niall and I have been hanging out since the fortune teller’s shop.”

“I kinda guessed that,” I rudely replied, making her give me a look, I was definitely being a bitch, “sorry,” I muttered.

“it wasn’t intentional,” she said looking over at Niall, “at first.”

“I kept seeing Laci after that day,” Niall chimed in, “at first it was at the grocery shop.”

“then the movies,” Laci added.

“and once even at the dry cleaners,” niall told me, finishing Laci’s sentence. Ok, I admit, that was cute.

“we finally decided that we should get together and hang out, so we planned to meet at this club tonight,’ Laci told me, finishing the story, “I didn’t want to tell you anything until I thought it was official.”

“until what was official?” I questioned her, still not fully believing her story.

She quickly got up from the couch and walked over to Niall, having him wrap his arm around her, like a couple. Laci quickly gave me ‘the look.’ oh shit. She was on a date…and I was ruining it….shit shit shit shit. I would never hear the end of this…

“so does that explain it?” Laci rudely told me, snapping me back into reality. She was definitely pissed.

“um…ya..” I mumbled, kind of embarrassed.

“well you can go home now, don’t wait up,” Laci offered. I nodded mouthing ‘sorry’, walking over to the door.

“Darcy doesn’t have to go,” Niall said, finally speaking up, “she can stay. I mean it’s a club, im sure she’ll find a nice guy and…you know-”

“OK!!” harry said cutting Niall off, “I think we all know what happens at clubs so if you excuse me I think I’ll get a drink”

“but Harry you’re only 18,” I pointed out, like a looser. Man I had to start acting cooler around him.

“they don’t check ID here,” he grinned at me, winking. I felt my cheeks get warm.

“Oh my god,” Laci said, perking up, “this is my favorite song. You have to dance with me!!!” she pulled Niall away into the club, I mentally told him ‘good luck’ lord knew he would need it.

I shuffled my feet over to the bar, sitting on a stool and letting my feet dangle. I stared at the flats I was wearing. I remember Laci had begged me to wear heels but I wanted to wear Vans so we finally settled on flats. Now I really wished I had worn the heels. I was still wearing the royal blue shirt saying ‘you scream, I scream’ on the front and ‘ we all scream for ice cream’ on the back, we were forced to wear to work. Thankfully I was allowed to wear my dark blue skinny jeans to work, but that still didn’t make me look like I had dressed to come to a club. I looked….different….then the other girls here.

Glancing around the club, I spotted Harry with these two girls. Instantly I felt something in the pit of my stomach, almost like I was jealous, which I wasn’t by the way. Anyways He noticed me staring and a grin grew on his face, continuing to flirt with the girls. One of them was wearing a dress with even less fabric then the shorts I had worn when I met Harry and the other girl was unusually tall. She was just barely taller then Harry but that might’ve been because of the heels she was wearing. Anyways, the giraffe one inched her way closer to Harry, playing with his boy tie, whispering something in his ear. Harry quickly widened his eyes and I saw his face getting red. The other girl scooted closer to Harry just like the other one, placing her hand on his stomach just inches above his….well…erm… ‘place.’ I couldn’t quite tell if he was enjoying this or not but he kept glancing at me, as if he wanted me to watch. Finally the giraffe girl wrapped her arms around his shoulder placing her head inches away from his ear. I couldn’t quit see after that but Harry started to freak out a little and backed away from the girls. They both looked at him with longing eyes and I heard him say he’d be back.

He swiftly turned around making direct contact with me as he walked in my direction. Oh my god, was he coming over here? To talk to me? Oh wow… I cant believe he was walking over here to talk to…me. Total fangirling. Did I look ok? Was I really that important to him? Wow….Harry could actually be-

Just then he walked pass me getting the bar tenders attention and asking for two lemon drops. Oh wow did I feel stupid. I let my shoulders slump as spun the opposite direction from Harry. Man…I must’ve looked like a total sucker in front of him. Ugh, why did I do that? Why did I let him-

Just then I felt a tap on my shoulder, interrupting my thoughts. I swiftly turned around to see Harry.

“oh..erm..hi,” I said, pretending to not even notice he was here.

“hey,” he replied in his husky, British accent making me absolutely melt. I was still dazed by his accent when he said, “I noticed you staring at me with those girls over there. That doesn’t bug you, does it?” he asked me, with a cheeky grin on his face. Damn it.

“of course not,” I lied, “why would I care?”

“oh I don’t know, it just seemed to bug you a bit but if it doesn’t then ok,” he explained himself while walking back over to the whores.

“have fun,” I muttered under my breath.


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