Hurting the one you love

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you always end up hurting the one you love.

19 Year old Skye lives with her boyfriend Dominic.
Every time he promises (every time he breaks that promise) to stop hurting her. When Skye meets the charming 20 year old Thomas, she finds herself laughing and enjoying time with somebody else for a change.
She soon discovers that there is more that one way to hurt the one you love...


8. You left...

" Thank you Tom... I had fun...." Skye said as she unlocked her front door. She meant it as well. The party had been fun, his Granny kept getting her name wrong and saying what a pretty girl she was. Which meant a lot coming, that was twice she had been told she looked good. Alright the second time it had been from an old lady wearing a purple dress and bright orange jumper... Tom had said she looked beautiful as well though!

" We should do that again sometime... Maybe without my Granny and her pals though" He laughed, and Skye joined in. It was so easy to have a nice time with Tom.

" I liked your Granny's dress... I think I will wear that next time we go out!" I was teasing but he smirked at me.

" So you will allow there to be a next time then?" Skye nodded shyly. " Good!" Tom whispered softly, then he leaned in and kissed her sweetly. Again she kissed him back, when they broke apart he smiled.

A little dazed, Skye opened her door. She was just closing the door, when a voice from inside called to her.

"You finally decided to come home then?" Feeling as though her stomach had turned to lead, she let the door shut on its own. Dominic was not supposed to come back, this was not supposed to happen! Why could she not just live a normal life, without all of this. He had left her and had been gone for a while.

Dominic was sprawled on the chair next to the stereo. He was smoking some kind of cigarette and was listening to music. He looked like he had been sleeping rough, with dark shadows under his eyes and his hair full of dirt and grease. Skye strained her ears to catch the song he was listening.

" I should have changed that stupid lock I should have made you leave your key..." Rang out through the room, as Dominic turned the volume up a bit more. Her breath seemed to catch in her throat. Once that line was over, he flicked the stereo off and stood up again.

" Imagine how left out and sad I feel Skye when I come home, expecting my girl to be waiting for me... When instead I find her kissing that guy she told me nothing was going on with, after coming home from a party it seems with him! Can you see how one might feel hurt Skye? Or is that too complicated for your mind?" It was a question she was clearly supposed to not answer, he was not shouting yet. His voice was dangerously low. Like the hiss of python before it crushes the prey or the stealth of a tiger before it pounces...

"Let me make it a little clearer for you Skye... You do not go around kissing other men, or partying with them at night! I am your boyfriend, you do know what that means right? It means your mine!" the last word was ever so slightly louder, not enough to be classed as a shout but enough to be classed as angry.

Her heart was beating faster now, as though it was running a race. ' The race for life ' She thought sarcastically, not too far from the truth really. She had to say something or do something, he could hit her any second now....

" You left" She croaked into the silent room " I thought you had gone forever..." Dominic advanced towards her again, that steel glint in his eyes once more.

" I will never leave you!" The words were often used to show love for some people, to Skye they suddenly felt like a threat.


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