Hurting the one you love

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you always end up hurting the one you love.

19 Year old Skye lives with her boyfriend Dominic.
Every time he promises (every time he breaks that promise) to stop hurting her. When Skye meets the charming 20 year old Thomas, she finds herself laughing and enjoying time with somebody else for a change.
She soon discovers that there is more that one way to hurt the one you love...


7. When the cats away the mice play

Skye smiled to herself as she got up two days later. She had long since come to the conclusion that Dominic was not coming back. Rolling over onto her back, one of the new best things was that she had an entire bed all to herself! Stretching out, she closed her eyes briefly before getting up. Taking a shower then eating a breakfast of pancakes with plenty of extra syrup, something she had always been denied. Lately everything had been about Skye, it was fun. She felt like a child that had been locked in Disneyland, free to do as she pleased, eat when and what she wanted and above all no adult breathing down the back of her neck.

After breakfast she cleared away her dishes and began to wash up, she was not a total child! When there was a knock at the door. Her breath seemed to freeze for a moment. What if it was Dominic/ Skye was not certain she actually wanted him back anymore. It was nicer without him, easier and there was no pain. When she opened the door she got the shock of her life though. Tom stood in her doorway. 

" Skye... Is everything OK? Dave said you quit work... Dominic came in and said you were ill, too ill to work..." Tom had started speaking as soon as she had opened the front door. Looks like Dominic had tried to make her life hard even if he was going away from it. Shaking her head, Skye beckoned for him to come inside.

He followed her into the kitchen where she grabbed two mugs from a cupboard.

"Im afraid I only have hot chocolate, will that do?" Skye asked. He nodded, yet seemed to be watching her carefully. Handing him his drink, they sat down at the table.

" Wheres Dominic?" Tom spoke immediately, could she tell him the truth? Dominic was gone, surely he was not coming back home now? Right...? Setting her mug dopwn in front of her Skye took a deep breath.

" Hes gone, three days now actually..." There she had said it. Shock flitted across Toms face, soon replaced with confusion.

" Why? He seemed pretty... To be honest he seemed a jerk but... I thought you loved him..."

'Maybe I used to to, perhaps I still do... Im not so sure he ever actually loved me though...' 

" Yes well... Im not ill, he lied. Actually I have been having lots of fun..." It felt nice to be honest with somebody, maybe she could talk to him about the violence? hmm.....Not yet...

" When the cats away the mice play..." I muttered, im not sure why. It just slipped out, it sounded a familiar  phrase anyway. Glancing up I saw Tom was smirking at me.

" Well, now the cat is away...Would you do me the honor pf accompanying me to a party?" Skye noticed he had not mentioned whose party this was. Immediately alert, she raised an eyebrow at him.

" Why might you need company?"  Skye quizzed, she would go of course. Just morbid curiosity made her wonder who it was that was hosting this 'party' Hanging his head low over the table, Tom admitted it was his Granny's. Bursting out laughing Skye agreed to go.

" I hope there will be adults present at this party? You never know with a Granny... They can get out of control easily!" She teased, her face full of mock concern. Shaking his head in a very somber manner, Tom promised there would be plenty of adults on hand to keep the pensioners under control.

" They have even been given a curfew!" He insisted.


Music could be heard from outside the hall, disco music that was now outdated. Skye had always enjoyed music of this sort though. Smiling, she checked her outfit once more. It had taken ages for her to choose what to wear for the party. Family parties did not warrant too much. Yet Skye felt she had to look presentable, and slightly more groomed than usual. Make up she could now keep to a bare minimum, as her bruises were slowly going at last. They now looked so old and faded you could barely spot them. A thin sweep of foundation, and they were practically non existent! Automatically, Skye tried to brush any creases out of her dress. 

It was a simple design, one that brought out her skin tone and made her look like she was taller than she actually was. At the time it seemed the perfect choice... Now she was wondering if she might have been better with a different dress.

" Alright?" Tom asked taking her hand, which felt rgth and comfortable. A gesture of kindness, honest and true kindness.Nodding briefly, Skye forced a smile. 

" Do not worry! You look truly beautiful!" He whispered to her, then guided her inside.

Skye was swelling with happiness, it was the first time in many years she had been told she looked beautiful!

Taking a deep breath she entered the room, when the cats away the mice play!


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