Hurting the one you love

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you always end up hurting the one you love.

19 Year old Skye lives with her boyfriend Dominic.
Every time he promises (every time he breaks that promise) to stop hurting her. When Skye meets the charming 20 year old Thomas, she finds herself laughing and enjoying time with somebody else for a change.
She soon discovers that there is more that one way to hurt the one you love...


2. Trust

Skye looked at her face in the mirror, the bruises did not look any better. Also after her heavy usage of make up yesterday, clusters of spots were collected around her face. Just adding to her grotesque appearance. The bruises were not gone enough yet so that she could go without make up. So sighing she began to plaster another ton on her face. When she was done she walked downstairs and grabbed her bag. 

" Off out early?" Dominic questioned her, as she made to leave. Nodding she gave him a light kiss and said. " Yes, im going to go and-" She was cut off though as he reached for his car keys.

" Erm.. " she trailed off, Dominic never went out this early. Not that it mattered he could simply be going out, or he could be planning to follow her. He smiled at her expectantly, when she did not continue he merely smiled even more.

" How about I drive you to work today?" he asked her, a distinct purr in his voice. What could she do? To accept would mean standing Tom up, on the  other hand rejecting the offer would only make Dominic curious... Forcing herself to smile she replied that that would be nice. Inside she was panicking, what about Tom? He would be waiting outside of Costa for her. What if he now hated her? Or worse what if he sat there waiting and was made late for work, Dave could fire him. What if he told on me to Dave and I got fired for being the reason he was late? All of the consequences were spinning around Skye' s head as she fidgeted restlessly in the front seat of Dominic' s blue car. When the had been newly dating she had loved this car, the distinctive coloring of this car, the way it stood out from the others. The shade was a perfect light sky blue. Dominic had once nicknamed it Skye, after her. Called it his girl or my Skye. That was a long time ago now though, so long it was before any of Dominic' s temper had even shown through to her. Back i those days he had been thoughtful, kind and as much of a gentleman as all the OTHER girls in her year had claimed. 

" So where was it you needed to go? I could drop you off there first if you like?" Jumping slightly at his sudden voice in the silence of the car, Skye shook her head.

" Nah, I was only going to visit the library... Maybe get a library card, I will do it later though, on the way home maybe." She decided that was the safest option, if she said Costa he might take her there. If Tom saw them...

Dominic pulled up in front of the front doors, and turned to her. Leaning in he placed a lingering kiss on her lips. Now even more confused than she had been before about feelings and who was who, Skye clambered awkwardly out of the car and set off inside for work. 

The day seemed to drag on forever, Tom had walked in at around about half an hour late. Dave had popped round earlier and asked where Tom was. Skye had lied and said he had gone to the toilet. Dave had frowned a little but had mercifully not doubted her story. When Tom did come in he glared at her visibly. Turning her back on him, she continued with her work. Maybe he would not mention it, maybe now they could just carry on with work and he would ignore her. Certain that she was just an annoying silly girl who stood people up. Whoever wished for a judgement like that to be made on themselves? Skye did right now, begging would be a more accurate term. They got all the way through the morning without any conversation, other than usual grunts of ' sorry '  or ' where does this go again? ' When it was time for lunch though he turned once more to face her. 

" So, where were you?" Straight to the point then, at least he didn't play mind games. Another perfect factor, the thought irritated her. What should she say, should she be as honest as he clearly was? Of course she could not say  EXACTLY what had happened but...

" Im sorry, something came up... I really was going to come and meet you" She tried to sound earnest. He sighed and started to eat his lunch, obviously something healthy rather than the takeaways and beer that Dominic seemed to favor. 

" Just what is it your hiding Skye?" He appeared to be speaking half to himself, though on the last word he looked up at her. His blue eyes appearing to try and read her very soul. Wrenching her eyes away, making it easy to lie, she began to eat her own  lunch.

" Im not hiding anything, like I said... Something came up!" He smiled humorlessly at her words. 

" The very fact you just said that proves there is." Was all he said on the matter though.  " You can trust me you know..."

Hmm,  trust. She had thought she knew what that was once, a long time ago. When Dominic had first told her he loved her and kissed her sweetly. No she wondered if you could actually trust anybody, or if you should just proceed with caution throughout life.

" Right, excuse me...Bathroom." She muttered getting up to go to the toilet. Anywhere to be alone right now. Could she even trust herself here?

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