Hurting the one you love

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you always end up hurting the one you love.

19 Year old Skye lives with her boyfriend Dominic.
Every time he promises (every time he breaks that promise) to stop hurting her. When Skye meets the charming 20 year old Thomas, she finds herself laughing and enjoying time with somebody else for a change.
She soon discovers that there is more that one way to hurt the one you love...


12. Epilogue 2

Dominics point of view

I sit in a dingy old bar on the outskirts of town. I ask the barman to get me something cheap and nasty. This appears to not be an unpopular request, for immediately he hands me a glass of some dusty liquid. I down it in one and ask for another. Im not sure what it is, I don't read the label. It cheap and nasty, and it burns my throat. Which feels good.

The newspapers on the bar announce somebody getting married, two strangely familiar faces. Who cares though? 

Living with somebody does not make them yours, why should marriage mean anything else?

A few people mouth off at me, but I always win now. 

Im no longer weak, I will never be weak again.

Now im the strong one...

I sit in the bar all night, till it closes and im shoved outside. 

As the cold wintry air whips across my face, I wonder what happened to that girl... Skye or whatever her name was... That picture in the newspaper looked a lot like her, but she that girl was good looking. Could never be Skye.

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