Hurting the one you love

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you always end up hurting the one you love.

19 Year old Skye lives with her boyfriend Dominic.
Every time he promises (every time he breaks that promise) to stop hurting her. When Skye meets the charming 20 year old Thomas, she finds herself laughing and enjoying time with somebody else for a change.
She soon discovers that there is more that one way to hurt the one you love...


6. Consequences

Skye awoke in the middle of the night, her face felt sore. It was not as bad as last time though, at least she could see out of her eye. It had been a brief thing, a sharp slap or two on the face. Dominic had then stormed out.

No family lived nearby her here, and who would she have gone to anyway/ Her Dad, was possibly worse than this when it came to punishment. It was like everybody could see her faults and felt the need to punish her for them. Sometimes Skye had to search to find what she had done to cause such anguish in Dominic that he had to result to violence. This time she knew what she had done. His anger was 100% deserved, she had kissed Tom. 

That simple fact had been echoing around in her brain throughout all of it. Sure she had not been the first to kiss him, but she had responded. Skye should have pushed him away from her and screamed at him, if anybody else had tried to kiss her she probably would have. Everything seemed so confusing after then. She had come home with Dominic, he had contained his anger in the car. Silent treatment instead, he had controlled it when they first walked in the  house. Dominic was good at acting, the school teachers in the drama department had always adored him. Promised contacts, swore he would make it big. Dominic could charm the entire world with his sweet talking, had he not done so countless times to her?

Once the curtains were closed later on though... Behind closed doors, he became something different. A strange monster, intent on wounding. Words alone not being enough. He had kissed her as well, once he was done... It was a sloppy kiss that tasted of lies and spelled control. It was almost painful to bear, Skye had always supposed she loved Dominic. Nobody had ever been given the opportunity to prove her wrong. 

After sharing a kiss with Tom, Skye now wondered whether that was actually what a kiss was meant to be. It was pleasant and sweet, unlike Dominic's lustful, sloppy and almost violent kisses. 

Feeling her cheek, Skye glanced at the clock. Midnight, Dominic was either in bed or out. Neither mattered really, an apology would be here soon. Along with Dominic himself, that was how it always happened.

Her eyelids were feeling really heavy now, so she clambered onto the sofa. Her last thought was not was not however of Dominic, It was of Tom. Skye traced her lips with one hand.

Wishing for another kiss...


Daylight streamed into the room, intruding on her slumber. Blinking in the bright room, Skye sat up awkwardly. Her neck was in agony after her position on the sofa. Rubbing her hand across the back of it, she stood up, not fully awake yet.

The clock read eight thirty. It was Saturday today and that meant she would have to get some more shopping. 

Peering around the room, Skye tried to spot some sign that Dominic had come down at all. He did like to sleep in usually though. Still she crept upstairs, wanting to check and see for herself if he was there.

The bed was empty, the bed sheets still folded and tidy. The way she had left them yesterday morning as she set off for work. Dominic never made the bed, that was her job. 

Panic set in now, this was uncharacteristic behavior from Dominic. It was like he had just left her...

Checking his drawers, she found there was nothing in them... He must have gone out somewhere, that was the only explanation.

Showering quickly, Skye got dressed and then headed for the shops. If Dominic came back, he would expect food in the cupboards. Best to keep him in a good mood. She scribbling a hasty note to remind him where she had gone, just in case he came back before her.

The fresh air greeted her as she stepped outside, locking the door Skye then turned around to set off for town. It was warm outside, golden rays heating her entire body. Grateful that she had opted to wear a skirt  today, Skye walked with a slight bounce in her step. A gentle breeze, very faint, ruffled her hair slightly. It felt good having the wind running through her hair, like she was free from something horrible. 

Maybe, just maybe, she was...

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