Under water

Rachel is a mermaid and wants to learn about the land on water. Will she ever find out?
Theo is your average teenage boy, except when he discovers something strange in the sea..... Everything changes.........


2. Theo

"Theo your late!" Mum called up to me. Like I didn't know! Hurriedly I pulled on a white shirt and some ripped jeans,
"coming!!" I hopped down the stairs whilst slipping on my socks. Once I reached the bottom step I grabbed my bag kissed mum bye and ran out the door......
........the day flew by and soon it was the end,
"Hey, babe!" Kate ran behind me and kissed me on the cheek.
"Hey." I wasn't in the mood for talking to her, even if she was my gorgeous girlfriend.
"got to go, text you, babe, luv ya!" then she skipped off chatting with her friends. What a day.
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