Everything About Moments

Valerie, 17-years-old, is a beautiful brunette and a senior at John Adams High School. She's into photography and dancing. She has one best friend, Jake, who's the same age and loves music and art. He also has the biggest crush on Valerie. Yet Valerie has the biggest crush on the football quarterback, Alex, who's not-so-smart, and a junior.


1. Promises, Prom Misses

Valerie was sitting outside of John Adams High School, taking photos of random people walking. Looking inspired and dazed, she sees Alex walking with one of his friends, Nate. "Hey Val," Jake slides next to her. "Val? Val-erie!? YO!" Jake yells as if he were hailing a taxi. "Oh, hi, Jake. I was, um, admiring the, um, trees. Yeah," Valerie looks down at her camera. "Uh, you were looking at Alex. You've had that same dazed look in your eyes since we were in 8th grade," Jake nudges her. "Do you think I should ask him to prom?" she gets off-topic. "Try. The worst he could say is no. Remember, I'll go with you if he turns you down," he puts his arm around her. "Thanks, Jake. I'm so glad to have you as my best friend," she smiles and pushes her hair behind her ear.

Valerie and Jake walked into Frank's Pizza to find Alex and Nate sitting at a table and laughing like hyenas and fooling around like 5-year-olds. "Val, are you sure about this?" Jake said, looking worried. "Yeah, I'm sure," Valerie sighed and walked over to Alex and Nate. "Hi, Alex," she smiled. "Hey, Valerie," he smiled back. "Well, um, I know you're a junior and all, but I was wondering, um, if you'd like to, um, go to prom with me?" she asked him. "Uh, sure," Alex smiled. Valerie smiled back and said, "Awesome. Meet me tonight at 6:00 PM at John Adams. You have to buy a corsage, but I, personally, think they're lame. Um, you also need to wear a tuxedo and a change of clothes wouldn't hurt either. You know? To change into once prom is over." "Awesome. I'll be there and ready. Can't wait to see how sexy you'll look," he smiled and winked. As Valerie and Jake walked away, Nate said, "Dude!! You're actually going to prom!!! With a senior!!!! Valerie is like the hottest piece of action in this school. I heard she lost her virginity last year to the English teacher!" Alex looked intrigued with his devious smile. "Um, dude? You're planning to lose your v-card, aren't you?" Nate asked. "How did you know?" Alex asked. "It's a gift, bro," he smiled.


It was 6:00 PM, and Valerie was standing in front of John Adams High School, waiting for Alex. She was wearing a light blue gown with spaghetti halter straps and black heels. "How do I look?" Valerie turned around. "You. Look. Beautiful," Jake stared, looking dazed. "Thank you, Jake," she smiled. "Excuse me, loser," Alex pushed Jake aside. Jake motioned his hands pretending to choke him. "Wow, Sexy," Alex grabbed Valerie by the waist. "Um, do you have a corsage?" she asked. "Yeah, um, no, I forgot," he grabbed her hand and walked towards the limo. Text me, she mouthed to Jake. Okay, Jake mouthed back.


At the prom, Valerie was sitting alone, texting Jake. She realizes that throughout the entire night, Alex wasn't paying any attention to her and realized that it was time to leave and hang out with Jake the rest of the night. "Jake?" Valerie stepped outside. "Hey, Val. What's wrong?" Jake asked. "Can you pick me up? This prom sucks," she felt like crying. "On my way," Jake hung up and ran out to his car, wearing his NY Giants pajama pants and a white t-shirt and sneakers.

"Hey, bitch! Where are you going!?" Alex sounded drunk. "Home. This prom sucks," Valerie was blunt. Honk, honk. Valerie walked towards his car. Alex grabbed her hand tightly and squeezed it. "OW! You're hurting me!" Valerie yelled. Jake got out of his car and walked over to Alex. "Get your little boy hands off of my best friend!" Jake slapped his hand off of Valerie and grabbed her by her waist and walked her to the car. He opened the door and Valerie hopped in. Jake ran around the car and hopped in and drove away. "You okay, Val?" Jake concentrated on the road. "Yeah, but that prom really did suck. Alex wasn't paying attention and I just sat at the table, alone," she put her head down. "Hmm. I know what would make you feel better. Chipotle!" he smiled at her. She smiled back.

At Chipotle, Valerie and Jake ordered chips and guacamole and burritos and sodas. "Think of it as a 'Prom Sucks Meal', you know?" Jake smiled. "I like that," Valerie smiled and giggled. "Mmm. Man, do I love Chipotle!" he took a bite of his burrito. "Um, Chipotle is like the best!" she dipped her chip in the guacamole. 


Jake pulled up in front of Valerie's house. "Well, I'm going to get some sleep," Valerie yawned. "Can I stay over?" Jake asked. "Yeah, sure. You know you're always welcome," she smiled. Both had gotten out of Jake's car and walked towards Valerie's house. "Hello? Anybody home?" Valerie hollered. "Looks like nobody's home," Jake wandered up to Valerie's room. "They're probably still at that party," she sighed as she walked up to her room. "Jake, you can wear my brothers' pajamas. You guys are pretty much the same size," she pulled her brothers' pajamas from his drawers. Valerie pulled her pajamas from her drawers.

"Goodnight, Jake," Valerie shut the light. "Goodnight, Val," Jake turned over.

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