Fall in love twice

What am I going to do i have a boyfriend! But I love him. But I love my boyfriend to. I can't decide what am I going to do!!!


8. She left!!!:)

That night she kept talking about how she wanted to move in! She barley met him right?? I asked Louis privately "how long have they been together". He didn't smile and said "ever since you left". I didn't smile. "well there is no room for you" I told her. "I can share a room with my boyfriend" she said smiling meanly. "uh but Harry-" I said. "no I won't mind" he kissed her. I ran to my room crying. I hear footsteps it was Niall. He down next to me on the bed. I wiped my tears. "I know you love him and it's okay" he said. I smiled and hugged him and started to cry again. "I love you but we can't be together if you love someone else and maybe it won't workout with you two then-" he said. I smiled and hugged him again and said "if it doesnt workout I will definitely come back to you if you even want me". He smiled and said "I will always want you". "I'm going to help you all the boys are" he said. I smiled then all the boys walked into the room. I smiled and hugged them all. "thank you thank you so much" I said. They all smiled. "let her live here she will be out of here in a week"! Liam said. We all went downsatairs. "you can live here" zayn said. She smiled and hugged Harry. She looked at me and gave me a dirty look. " can we still pretend to be a couple" I whispered to Niall. He smiled and said "of course love". I hugged him and kissed him in front of him. She moved in that night. I was so upset. At night I had to go restroom. Of course I ran into her. She was wearing one of Harry's shirts. I was wearing pajamas! I ran into me and niall's room. "Niall can I please wear one of your shirts" I asked him. He said "okay sure". I took off my pajamas and put on the shirt. I walked out there. She was in the restroom. I was waiting by the door. She walked out and said "why would you not be with Harry he's great at everything and I mean everything". I couldn't help but push her. She pushed me back. "Harry is way to good for you" I said while I grabbed her hair. She grabbed mine. She threw me and I hit the wall. I got up and slapped her. I ran into my room. I started to cry. "they did it they did it" I kept repeating it to Niall. He hugged me. When I lolled at him he didn't have a shirt on I was so attracted to him. I leaned In and kissed him. The next morning I woke up and I felt wierd. Everyone else was downstairs. So was she. I was a mess. And she was not! All the boys said "hi love" to me. But not Harry be said "oh uh hi I guess"! I rolled my eyes. I ran upstairs and into Harry's room. Her clothes wheeee everywhere! His room has never been this messy! I grabbed her shirt. I did holes everywhere! I smiled and threw it back on the floor. I ran into my room. All my clothes were gone. I heard a voice say "looking for something" I turned and saw her. "where are my clothes" I said upset. She smiled and started to walk away. I grabbed her shirt just to hold her from leaving. Her shirt ripped! She turned around and slapped me. I pushed her. We were holding onto eachother's hair. Then we fell down the stairs. The boys saw us they all came running. They pulled us apart. Are hair were both messed up. She started to pretend to cry and hug Harry. "she just pushed me Harry" she said. "no she's lying" I told him. " believe me baby please" she said. "Angie how could you" he said upset. I looked up at him and her walking away. I walked upstairs. The boys came with me. I told them " I have to go shopping and do my hair and put on make-up so he can like me". "okay" Louis said. I ran into the shower then got dressed. After shopping I walked into the house. Everyone was gone except her. I dropped my bags by the door. She looked at me " this is not over because it just got started". I ran upstairs and called Harry. He didn't answer. I left a message saying "Harry I I I love you I always have since the moment I met you please don't be with Maria I love you she doesn't I I I need you here with me please I love you Harry I'm dying without you"!
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