Fall in love twice

What am I going to do i have a boyfriend! But I love him. But I love my boyfriend to. I can't decide what am I going to do!!!


3. Moving in together

2 months passed by. I checked my phone and realized Niall had called me. So I called him back. "hey what's going on babe" I asked. "I want to tell you in person Im going to pick you up okay love"? "okay" I said confused. Ever since the day he told me just to wear mascara and eyeliner and lip gloss that's all I wore. I got dressed then he picked me up. He took me to a beautiful resteraunt. He held my hand and told me "will you like to come move in with me love"? "oh my gosh I would love to" I said. When I got home all the boys where taking my stuff to their house. I was so exited! I hugged Niall and kissed him. Me and Niall went to their house and he showed me my room. I told him "can't we share a room"? He smiled and said "whatever you want love". "no it's whatever you want" I told him. "trust me I would live to share a room with you" he said. They put some of my stuff into our room.

It was about 10:00pm now. I got into my pajamas. Then washed my face. I still couldn't belive I lived with my boyfriend. "hey love can you please go check if Harry is here"? He told me. "sure babe" i said. I walked into the hall and found Harry's room. I knocked on the door. I heard him say "it's open". I walked in and said "hey Harry"! I smiled. Then he said "oh hey love". But he didn't smile. "whats wrong Harry" I said. "well my girlfriend just broke up with me" he said sadly. "you had a girlfriend" i said giggling. "yes I did" he said smiling and sorta laughing. I smiled and looked into his eyes. I started to lean. He started to lean to. Right when we were about to kiss. But I stopped it and said awkwardly "uh Harry uh goodnight". Then I walked into me and niall's room.
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