Fall in love twice

What am I going to do i have a boyfriend! But I love him. But I love my boyfriend to. I can't decide what am I going to do!!!


2. Meeting the other him

The next day I was super happy to wake up. I got up off my bed. Suddenly I got a call. I checked and it was Niall! I answered it saying "hey what's up"? He said " hey do you want to come over for breakfast"? "I would love to" I said starting to smile. "okay I will pick you up right now" he said then hung up. I smiled at got dressed I didn't know how to do my hair then I just put it up to do my make-up then before I finished my make-up I heard a knock on my room door. I opened it. It was Niall! I hugged him and said "oh hey I just need to finish my make-up". He smiled and said "you don't need make-up you are perfect the way you are". I smiled and said "thanks but trust me I do need it". I barely finished my mascara and eye liner and I was putting on lip gloss. He said "okay thats enough". Then he grabbed me and hugged me. "fine" I said. We got in the car. Then we drove to his hotel. "oh ya I need to tell you some exciting" he said excitingly. "what" is said confused. "were moved here" he said. "oh my gosh" i said while jumping and hugging him. We walked into their new house. It was really big! I smiled and saw all the boys I met yesterday. But there seemed to be one more. I walked up to them. "hey Liam, zayn, Louis" I said. They all said hi. Then the other one came up to me and said "hi love I'm Harry". I smiled and looked up and saw his eyes, try were so beautiful and green! "hi I'm Ana niall's girlfriend" I said still looking at him. Then Louis asked "so love you hungry"? "oh ya thanks" I said. So I followed him to the kitchen. There was a giant breakfast made! I sat in front of a plate. I sat there and started to eat. After we ate we all went into the living room. Me and Niall sat in the same small couch. The rest sat on a big couch. We talked a lot! I learned Louis and Liam and zayn all had girlfriends. I learne more about Harry which was bad because the more I learned about him the more I was attracted to him! But I have to keep saying in my head I and niall's girlfriend. Then next thing you know I was asleep on niall's lap asleep.
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