Fall in love twice

What am I going to do i have a boyfriend! But I love him. But I love my boyfriend to. I can't decide what am I going to do!!!


5. Cheating

Then we kissed. It was a really long kiss. I felt his curly hair. I ran my fingers through it. Then I stopped and pushed him away. I kissed harry! I got up and ran to me and Niall's room. I layed in our bed. I started to cry. What have I done!! I fell asleep. I woke up at 11:26. I woke up and saw Niall he was asleep. When I woke up he woke up too. Hey Niall tears started to fall down my face. He asked me "what's wrong love are you okay". I just started to cry and then I hugged him. He kissed me on the forehead. I don't even notice he wasn't wearing a shirt. I got up and went downstairs when he fell back asleep. When I went down there the kitchen light was on. I walked in there and saw Harry. "hey I'm really sor-" he said. "no it's my fault I'm sorry" I said then kissed him on the cheek. "so what are you doing here" he asked. "couldn't sleep I just keeping thinking about yo- uh no one" I said. He smiled. I guess he knew what I was going to say. I giggled. " I need to tell you something important" he said not smiling anymore. "what"? I asked confused. "I saw Niall 2 days ago with another girl and he kissed her" he said. I started to feel dizzy then I fell. He fell with me. I started to cry harder and harder. He hugged me. "I'm so confused"! I said still crying. "come on let me take you somewhere" he said trying to cheer me up. "in my pajamas" I said still crying. "yes you look beautiful" he said. I smiled and helped me up. I got in his car. Thank god there was no paparazzi! I stopped crying when I saw the shining lights. We got out of the car. In there was the most beautiful room I ever saw! My eyes got watery but from happiness. I hugged him and walked in there was beautiful music. We danced then I looked into his eyes. We kissed but I said "I can't I literally just got out of a relationship I have to move out and never see you guys again I'm really really sorry". I started to cry I ran towards the house. I walked home. When I got there I ran in my room and grabbed boxes and packing my stuff. He woke up and said "hey love what are you doing"? "I'm moving out and I can't believe you cheated on me". I started to cry even more I took my box and ran downstairs. He followed me. Liam came out of his room and said "hey whats going on"? "nothing I'm leaving" I said upset. I opened the front door. He tried to hug me but I pushed him away. Then he said "you don't underst-". "no forget it I'm done. I walked outside and there was paparazzi!
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