Fall in love twice

What am I going to do i have a boyfriend! But I love him. But I love my boyfriend to. I can't decide what am I going to do!!!


7. Bye bye girlfriend

I thought about what I was going to do. Then I realized that I could make Harry break up with her! That night at 11:30 him and her came back. She came in the house and walked into his room with her. I was scared I had to stop this! I thought I would interrupt! So I walked in and thank god they were standing there making out! When I walked in they just stared at me. I smiled "oh sorry". I had to think of something! I made a bed in the living room. I walked in again but they wernt standing they were sitting on the bed! "uh I made you a bed in the living room if you want to sleep over" I said. They stopped kissing. "uh not now Ana" i heard Harry say. "my name is Maria" she said upset. I rolled my eyes! "just go" Harry said. I rolled my eyes but didn't close the door. I left. He got up and closed the door. I called him. But he didn't answer. I had to do something. I started to panic! I woke up Niall and said "hey babe uh there is a girl here with Harry". He smiled and went back to bed. I heard Zayn and Louis come out of their rooms. I heard Louis say "hey love I kno your mad because Harry and his girl". Zayn said "don't worry we will help you". I smiled and hugged them. Louis went into Harry room and found them laying in bed making out. He said "Harry uh can your friend go home we have to do something in the morning! Harry looked upset. The girl got up and pulled her shirt down. I was next to the front door. When she walked out she said "get a boyfriend buzz kill". She sounded very drunk! "bye bye now" I said. I shut the door on her face. I smiled and hugged zayn and Louis. Thank you!!!! The next day she came over and held Harry's hand. She gave me a dirty look. Niall woke up and kissed me. "hey love" he said. I smiled and kissed him back. We all sat down to eat. I started to laugh and have a great conversation. Then she barged in and said "so me and Harry are a couple do u guys want me to move in already". They all have her a wierd look. I smiled and said I was full. I walked to the living room. I heard footsteps great!!! It's was her!!! "stay away from my Harry and stay away from me". I gave her a dirty look. "trust me I will never be near you but Harry is my friend I won't stay away from him". It was time to show her my power!!! I was going to make him break up with her!
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