Forever & Always

Jennacy was just a simple, normal girl, 3 years ago. As soon as her world was spun around when she met the amazing One Direction, she knew it wasn't ever going to be the same! She was just a normal teen directioner that of coarse fangirled over everything she saw that had to do with these good looking heart throbs. She's gotten older and now she's on the other side of the picture going steady with the one and only, Harry Styles!


9. "Yes.. He'll Be There!"

Jennacy's P.O.V

I woke up to my alarm clock buzzing.  It was already 7:30am and we had to have all our dresses and suits fitted today! I rolled over and wrapped my arms around a sleeping Harry.

"Come on babe, we have to wake up!" I whispered in his ear.

"Mhmm dfdasddeiod" He mumbled as he refused to get up. Me just rolled over and put his arms around me too.

"We have to try on the suits and dresses! The lads and the girls are waiting!" I said as I slid my fingers through his brown curls.

"ok...." he slowly slid off the bed heading for the bathroom.

I went into the closet and grabbed a cute black & floral shirt with a pair of ripped jeans and black flats. I walked into the bathroom and started doing my makeup in the mirror next to Harry.

"Keep that rubbish off of my beautiful fiance's face!!" He said as he grabbed all my makeup into his arms and turned his back to me.

"Give it back Harry!"



"Not happening."

"Finee!" I said sticking my tongue out at him. Before I knew it I was pulled into a large kiss. He pulled away whipping off my foundation with a wet rag.

"You're beautiful without it!" I  gave up and headed out the bedroom grabbing his keys as I made my way out of the house and into the passenger seat of his car.

"I have to drive AGAIN?!" he whined. I just nodded and smiled as he got into the car and drove away.

I pulled out my phone and called Kaitlyn to see if she was coming.

"Hey, where are you?" I said as soon as she answered the phone.

"Homee.." She knew I was onto something.

"Ok well my dress sizing for the bridesmaid are today and you're one of them so you need to be there!" filling her in on all information.

"Who's going to be there?" I knew were she was getting.

"Yes, Josh IS going to be there!" answering her question before she got to ask.

"Ok I'll be there in 20!" she said quickly and hung up.

Someone was excited!!!

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