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Jennacy was just a simple, normal girl, 3 years ago. As soon as her world was spun around when she met the amazing One Direction, she knew it wasn't ever going to be the same! She was just a normal teen directioner that of coarse fangirled over everything she saw that had to do with these good looking heart throbs. She's gotten older and now she's on the other side of the picture going steady with the one and only, Harry Styles!


23. Replacements

Zayn smiles and winked and Alison froze. Her cheeks turned red and she spun around leaving the room. I looked at the boys and we all just started laughing at Alison's awkwardness.

Everyone was finally sober again and we needed something to do. We were talking over what we should do tonight.

"Screw it! Let's go out again!" Louis shouted throwing his arms in the air with his iPhone flying out of his grasp and across the room. "SHITTTTT!!" He screams running over to check it.

    *Hours Later*

We were finally dressed and we decided that we would just go out in something a little casual since it was just Alison the boys and I. We headed out and over to The Drop and we went straight to the bar. We were drunk in an hour flat and we were all dancing. I was dancing with Harry and I turned to see Zayn dancing with some random girl. I looked around to find Alison dancing with another guy as well. She seemed hurt like she was using the guy to fill the hurt from Zayn and the other girl.

"Babe. What is Zayn doing?!" I asked as Harry continued to grind behind me. His drunken voice whispered in my ear as his breath hit my neck. "I don't know.. He's fine.." He trailed off and I soon got lost in the music and letting the thoughts pass by me.

We were all stumbling out of the doors and over to our private limo. Niall and Louis were holding on to a completely sober Liam as Zayn had his arm latched around the anonymous girls waist. I was holding onto Harry and Alison was no where to be found. We all collapsed into the limo and found Ali sitting at the far end with her phone lighting her face. Its hurt me to see her so odd in that moment. She was silent and didn't look to anyone the entire ride. With each stop we made dropping someone off, I told Harry that I was going to stay over at Alison's tonight because she didn't seem well. He was to drunk to care and hoped out with Louis and headed to their neighboring houses. Liam left to say goodnight to Danielle and last it was just Zayn, Alison, and the mystery girl sitting with my in the car. Not a word was spoken until the driver stopped in front of Zayn's house.

"Bye guys it was great meeting you!!" The red head stated before jumping out of the vehicle and into Zayn's arms. Alison still refused to say a word and all I could do was give the girl a deathly look. As soon as the door closed Alison burst into tears. I knew it was the feelings the alcohol were giving her but I knew some of it she was truly feeling and she had every right.

"What did I do?! It was like he lead me on and then turned around and decided to go grab some ginger and sleep with her! How did I deserve this?!?! I'm not a bad person! Am I?!" She sobbed. As sad and upset as I knew she was I was doing all I could to hold back a laugh from the mess she was saying. "Alison it's gunna be fine! He won't remember this in the morning and either are you!" I said doing all I could to calm her down. "Yea huh! He'll wake up and see that red headed slut next to him butt ass naked and not ME!!" She shouted in annoyance. We were pulled up to her house and I grabbed her hand helping her out. We shuffled inside and I dropped her onto the couch. "Stay here, I'll go grab the ice cream and The  Notebook!" I ran into the next room to grab what she needed. I came back, popped in the movie, and handed her a spoon. While she was sobbing over the movie and not paying attention, I took my time to send Zayn a huge text that he would be finding in the morning. After I sent it I looked over to see Alison passed out and the rest of the ice cream melted. I giggled a bit and decided to haul her up to her bed and tuck her in. As I was putting her blanket over her, I found writing on her arm. It was written in quite slopping handwriting.

Kyle #: ~~~~~~~~~~ Call Me!

I grabbed her phone and texted him for her. Tomorrow she would have a date with Kyle.





*Authors Note*

Sooooooo extremely sorry I haven't posted in FOREVER!!! Hope to post a lot more this week! <3

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