Forever & Always

Jennacy was just a simple, normal girl, 3 years ago. As soon as her world was spun around when she met the amazing One Direction, she knew it wasn't ever going to be the same! She was just a normal teen directioner that of coarse fangirled over everything she saw that had to do with these good looking heart throbs. She's gotten older and now she's on the other side of the picture going steady with the one and only, Harry Styles!


5. Gettin Ready For A Girl Day!

We were all so excited for today! Today El, Dani, Perrie, Maggie, and I are going for a girl day!!! Every time I went to get dressed I would get another text from one of the girls.

'From: Magnolia!!<3

OMG!! I'M SOO EXCITED!!! What should I wear because I have a good feeling papz are going to be there and you know me.. I gotta be lookin' GOOOOOD!!!'

'To: Magnolia!!<3

ME TOO!! Maggie, I have known you since we were 3!!!! Just wear that shirt that Niall has with the red 'A' on it with a cute red tank under, red skinnies, and your high tops! You'll be finee!!!'

As soon as I sent it I knew I didn't have much time until the next text came in so I ran into my closet grabbing the first thing I saw. (A navy blue shoulder shirt, white skinny jeans, and blue converse.) Just as I though, my phone started buzzing.. it kept buzzing.. which meant a call. So I flew into my room to grab it, to quick to check the id.

"Hello?' I said breathing heavy from being in such a rush.

"Hey Baby, You ok?" That husky, sexy, deep, uk accent rung through my phone. Harry.

"Yea I'm fine! I had to rush to get the phone!" I said honestly.

"Expecting a call? Or just excited to hear from me?" he said jokingly.

"Ok, be careful, don't need my bride running out of breath." He said as I could tell he was smiling from his tone, bringing one to my face as well.

"I know babe, don't need my groom being so worried!" I said nicely giving a comback.

"Ok, well this signing is about to start, so I'll talk to you later sweetheart." he said sweetly.

"Love you too! Bye Baby." He hung up.

I looked at the screen after the call ended.

'8 New Messages 

Magnolia!!<3 (2)

*Eleee!* (1)

Dani!:) (2)

PerriePear!:D (1)'

GEEZ these girls are impatient! I walked into the bathroom, put on some simple makeup and scrunched my hair, and grabbed my phone. I walked toward the door grabbing and sliding on my shoes and checked my messages.

From: Dani!:)

- On My Wayyy!!

- Maggie won't stop blowing up my phone! lol

From: PerriePear!:D

- On our way to get El! Be there soon!'

'From: *Eleee!*

- Finishing getting dressed! Oh! There Here! see ya soon!'

'From: Magnolia!!<3

- Im dressed!! I'm so excited!!!!

- I'm sittin here.. they take FOREVER!! Oo gtg there here now! I'll save you shotgun;)'

O see the care coming down the road! I grab my purse and keys and run out the door. I could see Dani hanging her head out the window.

"Heyyyyy!" she yelled.

"You're obviously trying so say hello to the rest of the world too right?!" I said yelling back.

"Oh sure why not! HELLOOOO WORLD!!!" she said rubbing it im.

"Hey guys!" I said as sliding in the passenger seat.

"Hay Gurl Hay!" Maggie said from the back seat trying to make herself heard.

"Let's stop yelling and go all ready!" Dani urgged.

"Seriously!" Perrie added in.

We drove off showing up at the mall in less then 10 minutes. We all got out of the car sneaking through the parking lot. We got to the door. Here we go... and you thought the boys were the only ones that the paps.. nope. Not really!

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