Forever & Always

Jennacy was just a simple, normal girl, 3 years ago. As soon as her world was spun around when she met the amazing One Direction, she knew it wasn't ever going to be the same! She was just a normal teen directioner that of coarse fangirled over everything she saw that had to do with these good looking heart throbs. She's gotten older and now she's on the other side of the picture going steady with the one and only, Harry Styles!


21. Drunk.

By the end of the night, Maggie and I were holding onto each other trying to stand up as we were still taking shots in my kitchen. It was about 12 midnight and Niall, Maggie, Harry and I were the only ones still awake. Everyone else was passed out somewhere. Louis and El went into one of the guest rooms and Zayn and Liam shared the room across the hall, as Skylar, Alison, Kaitlyn, and Sydney went home with the help from a safe ride from Liam. I looked round the living room and my eyes were blurred. I found Harry in the living room with his body spread out on the couch. I walk over and moved his feet to make a seat for myself.

"Baby... what are you doing?" He asked in a low/ whispered tone.

"Why are you whispering?" I asked, highly slurred.

"I'm not whispering.. Are you sure your ok?" he said slightly concerned.

"I'm fineeee..." A leaned over and practically made out with his face.. man I was drunk.. I got up and walked back in to find Maggie.

"I'm gettin THAT tonight!!" I heard Harry joke with Niall as I walked away.

"I get her bestfriend!" Niall laughed loudly as his voice was sobering up.

I made my way into the kitchen to find Maggie laying on the floor. The worst thoughts flew through my head.

"Maggie? Maggie?!?! Wake up!!!!" I screamed shaking her body as I quickly felt the boys behind me in a matter of seconds. She was motionless and I couldn't do anything but shake her and hope for her to wake up. I shook her for the last time before the tears broke out and as soon as a single tear dropped her eyes flew open.

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT?!?!?!" She screamed putting us all in shock.

"YOU'RE ALIVE!!!!!!!!" I wrapped my arms around her tightly.

"No shit! Now get off of me before I have to puke!" She said shoving me off of her. Niall grabbed her hand and pulled her up.

"I think it's about time I take me lovely lady home.." Niall said grabbing his keys.

"Yes I think it is!!!!" Harry said practically pushing them out the door. Niall turned around in confusion as Harry winked at him and a huge smile came on Niall's face. He looked back into the kitchen and grinned and did a slight hip thrust and winked.

"Niall James Horan you are so childish!!!!!" I said making my way towards him on my unstable feet. Right before I fell into Harry's arms.

"All right... this way to the bedroom babe.." He grinned at Niall as he shut the door with Niall giggling and getting into his car. He picked me up bridal style and lead me to our plush bed as he layed me down.

"Do you know how much I love you?" He said calmly, most certainly holding something in.

"More than peanut butter and jelly?!?!?!" I giggled as my drunken words slipped out and his body pulled closer... He knew me well.. He knows I'm drunk.



Hey guyss... well it's pretty late and I haven't updated in forever so I had to do something and that something ended up being this lame and short chapter.. well.. Night! xD

                ~Jennacy Noel~

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